Writing Sympathy Card Message

Posted by: Author scentandviolet May 31st, 2019

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It is never easy writing a sympathy card message. Often, we can’t find the right words to express our condolences. Truth is, no words ever can take away the pain of someone loosing loved one. However, those same words can offer support and show grieving family that they’re loved. The same way flowers are there to comfort family of the deceased, well written card message is something worth considering.

Having said all that, our top 3 messages to accompany our funeral and sympathy flowers and plants are in the following order:

1. With deepest sympathy
2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you
3. Sincere condolences

Next two following behind are:

4. In loving memory of
5. Sorry for your loss

So – here are the top five sympathy card messages used at Scent & Violet (in the past 5 years). I would love to tell you that one of the big reasons why these messages are so short is because we do lots of corporate work (sending flowers on behalf of the local companies for sympathy and funerals)… but the truth is, even we need help when it comes to crafting a sympathy message for our friends.

So here are few messages to help all of us:

- I wanted to let you know how much (name of the deceased) meant to me, and how missed she/he will be. I am thinking of you and sending my thoughts (and prayers) your way. With love and respect, xx

- I am (we are) here for you.

- Sending hugs, love, and prayers.

- I/we had a great pleasure of working with (name of the deceased) for xx years. He/she will be missed by many. With sincere condolences, xxx

- My heart goes out to you and your family

- Wishing you peace and strength during this difficult time

- May his/her memory live on through you.

- This is not goodbye. Until we meet again.            

- I hope you will find strength to remember all the joyful memories.

- Even though no words can ease the pain you bear, just know I am here for you.

- (Deceased) will be missed, but his (her) laughter/kindness will be remembered by many.

We sincerely hope this list of sympathy card messages will be useful. For more ideas on writing a card messages please read more on How To Write A Card Message


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