Bridging The Distance With Flowers

Posted by: Author scentandviolet June 19th, 2018

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You might be surprised to discover how many people live far from the person they love. Overall, there are a little over seven million couples in the U.S. who consider themselves in a long distance relationship. The massive surge in online dating is partly the cause of this phenomenon. Not only do people often fall in love with those who live in other states; around one in 10 couples are separated by distance during some portion of their first three years as newlyweds. Long distance relationships are more common, but also far easier to deal with than in decades past. Video conferences via Skype and Viber are bridging distances to a great degree, though one particular romantic way to fan the flames of passion is the gift of flowers.


Studies show that flowers are a unique gift

Human beings have cultivated flowers for over 5,000 years, and various studies have shown that they are a unique lifter of mood. In one study, it was found that when flowers were presented to women, they elicited the ‘Duchenne smile’ – known colloquially as ‘smizing’ or ‘smiling with the eyes’. Imagine being able to bring out this effect in a lover who lives miles away! In another study, it was found that flowers given to both men and women in elevators elicited positive social behavior. In a third study, flowers given to people aged over 55 produced improved mood and even memory! Flowers have an immediate and powerful impact on our emotions; through their rich symbolism, they transport us to new, more positive frames of mind.

Picking the right flowers: Symbolism and meaning

Although flowers are traditionally given by men to women, take the above statistics into account and feel free to delight the man in your life with a colorful bouquet. Flowers have a language that poets and florists the world over speak of with great eloquence. For someone who is far away, white lilies, which symbolize purity as well as devotion, are a beautiful way to let them know you will always be there for them. Roses, meanwhile, can represent a wide array of qualities - including confidentiality (ideal for a ‘secret love’). Today, different rose colors portray different meanings. Thus, red symbolizes romance, pink represents gratitude, joy, and admiration, while orange symbolizes enthusiasm and passion. Other ideal flower choices for a spouse, partner or lover include sunflowers (to highlight your loyalty), hydrangea (which expresses gratefulness for your loved one’s understanding), or protea (which symbolizes change and transformation – ideal when your loved one has experienced a big change in their lives).

Because flowers have such a powerful effect on the psyche, they make an ideal gift to remind someone you love that you are close to them; that distance is relative and subjective and that, by keeping your eye on the goal, you will be closer one day. Take time to study flower symbolism to pick the right bouquet for your soulmate, and if you already know they like a particular flower, then cut to the chase and send them the one you know will make them feel happy.


Special thanks to Ms. Lucy James for taking time to research the long-distance relationships; and 

Ms. Brigitte Tohm for fabulous photo of tulips (via Unsplash