Flower Power – the Healing Health of Flowers

Posted by: Author scentandviolet July 7th, 2018

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Even after scientists made a radical reduction of the number of estimated flowering plants out there, they still surmised about 400,000 species exist. While this abundance means that there are beautiful flowers for any occasion, they’re much more than just a pretty display. It turns out that flowers possess an impressive arrangement of health benefits.



Flowers and Mental Health

Science research states that seeing bright flowers and smelling floral scents does wonders for a person’s mood and mental disposition.  What’s more, different colored flowers tend to coax different mental reactions. Colors that are bold and intense tend to energize the mind, while hues that are less saturated and bright tend to set a more relaxing mood.  Flowers with curvier shapes also tend to evoke a higher level of relaxation.

Flowers and Physical Health

It’s a good thing that giving flowers to people in the hospital is a tradition. Researchers have discovered that several flower species have the capacity to lower certain health problems. While part of this healing power coincides with a flower’s ability to improve mental health, some flowers naturally do things to improve environmental factors that can contribute to sickness.

For instance, flowers like the football mum filters toxins found in cigarette smoke and household cleaning products. This makes the air easier to breathe, which could ultimately reduce the effect of certain respiratory problems. The distinct scent of lavender has been shown to reduce the effects of menstrual cramps and insomnia. A flower’s physical healing powers aren’t merely caused by sight, either – eating vitamin-rich dandelions can be effective in battling blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Flowers and Spiritual Health

Certain types of flowers have long been thought to have prime spiritual properties. Lotus flowers, for example, have been said to have the ability to deepen meditation in Eastern religion, which could ultimately lead to a more enlightened experience. This path towards a more enriching spiritual experience can also be taken through ingesting certain flowers in various forms, such as chamomile or lavender tea.

The next time you think that flowers do more than just make your living room or kitchen table look better, think again. There is visceral “flower power” in play here, a strength that can ultimately make you feel happier, healthier, and even more focused. Add it all up, and suddenly the phrase “stop and smell the roses” takes on a whole new, more critical meaning.


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