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Funeral Planning

As you make funeral arrangements, you can ensure flower arrangements honor, recognize, celebrate and reflect the life and personality of the deceased. A funeral filled with fresh blossoms provides a dignified final tribute for a life well lived. At Scent & Violet, we understand what a hard time this is. Our floral professionals will gently walk you through the process to select something personal and poignant to express your emotions


Regardless of whether you or your loved one have opted for burial or for cremation, the funeral or memorial service fills an important role. It can:

  • Honor, recognize, and celebrate the life of the deceased
  • Allow friends and family to say their last good-byes
  • Provide closure after the loss of a loved one
  • Allow friends to console the family of the loved one
  • Provide a meaningful religious experience


So what is a funeral?

In general terms, a funeral is a gathering of family and friends after the death of a loved one that allows them the opportunity to mourn, support each other and pay tribute to the life of the deceased.

Why send funeral flowers?


In times of sorrow, when finding the right words seems impossible, flowers go the distance. They communicate compassion, peace, comfort, and love. They show bereaved friends and family you recognize their pain and want to offer your support. A funeral service filled with fresh blossoms showers the deceased with honor and respect, providing a dignified final tribute for a life well lived.

Why do funeral flowers cost so much?

Casket and standing sprays are large, elaborate pieces that involve many stems of flowers and hours of work. The price reflects the amount of product and labor needed to complete them. If these options are outside your budget, a staff member at Scent & Violet can help you select a smaller, but still lovely, option to honor your loved one.