Flower care instructions

How to extend the life of your flower arrangement


We wanted to share our somewhat professional advice on how to extend the life of your flower arrangement. Since we know that not everyone will follow every step, we decided to divide our care tips into: Mandatory and Optional. What does it mean? If you do not follow mandatory steps, your flowers will die within seven days. If you follow mandatory steps your flowers will live seven plus days. And, if you follow both mandatory and optional steps: Congratulations, you are true flower aficionado and your flowers will live a long and happy life in your home or office.


Mandatory fresh cut flower care steps

WATER. Fresh cut flowers need water. And they like a lot of water. If you received flowers from a reputable florist, your arrangement already has professional flower food inside, but the vase will not be full of water (easier to transport). You need to add water to the vase. Regular tap water is just great. Replenish water every day (or at least every few days). Ideally, you would completely change water every 2-3 days, because flowers prefer clean to murky water. J  

If your arrangement (or centerpiece) is in a green foam, find a spot where you can stick a spout or bottle neck and water it every day (like you would water a plant). Green foam needs to stay wet at all times, and you need to add water to the centerpieces (all arrangements in green foam) daily. Please add water carefully not to overfill (and spill).

Tip: Cannot finish that bottle of water? Pour the remainder into your arrangement (or a plant)

AVOID EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS. Flowers (some more than others) prefer moderation. No direct sunlight, no exposure to heat, no exposure to cold. What does it mean? Do not place fresh cut flowers on window sill or directly under the AC/Heat vent

Optional fresh cut flower care steps

FLOWER FOOD. If you have bought the fresh cut flowers wrapped in the paper (or cellophane), do use that little packet of food that came with it. If your flowers came from the reputable florist, the flowers will already have food inside the vase (container). If you do not have food packets, use regular tap water. As far as the home-made flower food goes: We have yet to hear of a homemade flower food or household trick or meemaw’s secret recipe that works better than water.

TRIM FLOWERS. If you are one of our favorite customers that is actually changing water in the arrangement every 2-3 days, please use the opportunity to trim the flower stems. Trim up to half an inch from the bottom of each flower stem, and your flowers (and florist) will love you for it. Sharp scissors or garden sheers will work.  

REMOVE EXPIRED FLOWERS. Flowers will wilt at different schedules. Remove any flower that has wilted before the others to extend the life of the remaining flowers.

DISINFECT THE VASE. If you plan to re-use your vase, please wash it thoroughly, with dish soap, after your flowers are gone