Plants for Delivery

Plants from Scent & Violet make a long lasting, living, and affordable gift for many occasions. We have a wide selection of all types of plants including house plants, tropicals, succulents, cactii, orchids, and indoor plants. Our plants are sourced from local Texas greenhouses and growers and our plant selection varies daily. Shop online or visit our store for greater plant selection. Plant care instructions here >>> 

Call us at 281-761-6300 or visit in person for more plant varieties


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Naima - Mini Purple Orchid Plant in Houston, TXNaima - Mini Purple Orchid Plant
Money Tree in Houston, TXMoney Tree

Money Tree

Hello, I love you  in Houston, TXHello, I love you

Hello, I love you

Orchid Plant Garden - White in Houston, TXOrchid Plant Garden - White

Orchid Plant Garden - White

White Orchid Plant in Houston, TXWhite Orchid Plant

White Orchid Plant

White Orchid Garden in Houston, TXWhite Orchid Garden

White Orchid Garden

ZZ Plant in Houston, TXZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Snake Plant in Houston, TXSnake Plant

Snake Plant

Play Ball  in Houston, TXPlay Ball

Play Ball

$29.00 Now $25.00
Living Blooming Garden Basket in Houston, TXLiving Blooming Garden Basket
Siempre Cholla - Succulent Garden in Houston, TXSiempre Cholla - Succulent Garden
Yellow Orchid Plant in Houston, TXYellow Orchid Plant

Yellow Orchid Plant

Seasonal Blooming & Green dish garden in Houston, TXSeasonal Blooming & Green dish garden

Shop For Indoor Plants

Additional house and tropical plants are occasionally available in our shop located at 12811 Westheimer Rd. such as: Ferns, Violets, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Hibiscus, Coleus, Peperomia, Palms, Corn Trees, Sansevieria, Terrariums, Succulents, etc. Please call us to inquire about availability.

plant garden scent and violet houston tx

Send Plants as a gift

Indoor potted plants are a great gift to send not just to your loved ones, but business partners, too. One of the most popular sympathy gifts, plants are a lasting reminder of how much you care. Scent & Violet has a seasonally changing selection of plants, terrariums, and ceramic dish gardens in our flower shop at 12811 Westheimer Rd which are available for pick up. We also offer delivery of our plants within the Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Bellaire areas. Same day plant delivery is available for orders placed before noon, or choose next day delivery to a residence, business or funeral home in the greater Houston area.

Plants at Scent & Violet (availability varies daily - call before heading out)

Plant Name  Latin
Anthurium Anthurium
Arrowhead - Nepthytis TP - Pole Syngonium podophyllum
Azalea Rhododendron hybrid
Begonia Begonia riegner
Calathea Rattlesnake Calathea lancifolia
China Doll  Radermachera sinica
Croton Codiaeum variegatum
English Ivy  Hedera helix
Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus lyrata
Kalanchoe Kalanchoe
Money tree  Pachira aquatica
Monstera Monstera deliciosa 
Palm  Palm NB
Peace lily Spathiphyllum
Philodendron (Sweetheart, Brasil)   Philodendron hederaceum
Polka-Dot Plans Hypoestes sanguinolenta
Pothos (Golden, Marble Queen, N'Joy) Epipremnum aureum
Pothos Ivy TP - pole Epipremnum aureum
Rubber plant Ficus elastica
Sanseveria 4" Sanseveria laurentii
Sanseveria 6" Sanseveria laurentii
Succulent succulent and cactii
ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Buy Plants for Yourself

Stop by Scent & Violet and gift yourself a plant. Adding live plants to your house will liven the place and elevate your mood. Plants are great listeners.