Scent & Violet: News and Updates


Independence Day Schedule:

Our shop will be closed on July 3rd and July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

Looking forward to seeing you back in shop on Wednesday, July 5th with some outrageously funny new stationary gifts.


Times are what they are, for most of us. When cost of living, supplies, and everything else keeps going up, at Scent & Violet we'll always try to level the playing field. Our Budget Friendly Flowers & Gifts page is up and keeps growing with affordable flowers and gifts. Working hard with our local suppliers and makers, wonderful farms across Americas and world, we are bringing in flowers, plants and gifts that are affordable and under the budget. 


Scent & Violet will close at 12 PM on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 for previously scheduled maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


New Hours through end of October in our shop:

Mon-Fri: 9 AM - 4 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 2 PM

Sunday: Closed

Hours might vary during storms, hurricanes, floods and pandemics



Memorial Day Weekend Closure

Just a quick reminder that Scent & Violet will be closed for Memorial Day Weekend, in accordance with our shop's traditions. We will be closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (05/28/2022 - 05/30/2022) 


Have you seen the KPRC2 Live Weather Report from Scent & Violet?

KPRC 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez giving your Mother's day forecast at Scent & Violet Flower Shop








As you might have heard in the news: We are experiencing unprecedented worldwide shortage of flowers and floral products (plants, vases, planters). We are doing our best to source exceptional flowers and plants but, the shortage is real. Our local farms and suppliers are stretched to the maximum; Our worldwide partners are being affected by Covid, transportation and gas issues, strikes and inclement weather. Knowing that the past two years have been challenging on so many levels for so many people around the world – We cannot help but feel blessed to be in the situation where we can still work, create, and be with our loved ones.

Our local (and global) floral partners are absolutely amazing and we are so grateful to them but, we have reached the point were we cannot guarantee the availability of any flower and/or color. While this is challenging to the people looking for specific flowers / colors (as well as maintaining our website photos) having the ability to work with different flowers every day is getting our creative design juices going.

We have been making some fun designer’s choice arrangements lately and, we appreciate the trust you give us daily and freedom to create florist’s choice arrangements during these times.

We are grateful to you all.



Scent & Violet Joins Nationwide Effort to ‘Petal It Forward’

Local Small Business Spreads Smiles and Stress Relief, Two Flower Bouquets at a Time

Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts is joining hundreds of floral industry businesses nationwide to surprise local residents in Houston with two free flower bouquets — one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger.

The random-acts-of-kindness effort — called Petal It Forward is organized by the Society of American Florists (SAF), of which Scent & Violet is a member — is designed to help people deal with their day with more smiles and less stress.

 Petal It Forward is the floral industry’s way of giving back. Amra Kolasinac of Scent & Violet, wanted to be a part of the mood-boosting effort, and make a difference in the community. “The year 2020 has been exceptionally hard on all of us and, the idea that we can make people smile for a moment sounded great to us” said A. Kolasinac.  “Through the positive effects of flowers, we hope to make someone’s day brighter, and provide a much-needed moment of calm amidst the hectic pace of life,” she added.

Kolasinac says the original idea behind Petal It Forward’s ‘keep one, share one’ concept, which started in 2015, came after looking at statistics that showed while 80 percent of people reported receiving flowers makes them happy, even more (88 percent) said that giving flowers makes them happy. “We want to give people the chance to experience both,” said Ms. Kolasinac.

Petal It Forward in Houston is scheduled for Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 12811 Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX 77077  beginning at 9 AM. Hundred flower bouquets will be given away on a first-come-first-serve basis.



Due to Tropical Storm Beta heavy rains and flooding affecting the greater Houston area we are suspending all deliveries for today 09/22/2020 .

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will reassess tomorrow morning, following the advice of the local authorities.



Can we brag some more?

We are delighted to announce that Scent & Violet made it to KPRC-TV ( Channel 2 ) list of top 4 florists in Houston.

Yes, top 4 in Houston, baby. Not too shabby for the new kid on the block. Our journey in bringing smiles to people through our floral arrangements and adorable gift items has been incredible - all thanks to you!  We might be Top 4 in Houston, but our customers are Numero Uno - no if, ands, or buts. It is thanks to our very loud, very vocal, and most amazing customers in the entire world that we are being selected as one of the best florists in Houston. Thank you!!!

To read more about us and the other 3 amazing florist in Houston area please visit Click2Houston



We are pleased to announce that Scent & Violet has been named as one of the best options for funeral flowers by Flower Delivery Reviews. You can read more about it on Flower Delivery Reviews site. 

This would be probably a good time to let you all know about the upcoming End Of Life Planning Guide. This Guide is collaborative effort between Texas Funeral Directors Association and Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice with a goal to support those at the end-of-life planning phase, addressing topics and challenges faced by individuals and families. Content provided by both Associations is both sensitive and informative and we hope families will see this as their 'go-to' guide when considering end-of-life options. Guide production has been entrusted to SkyWays Media Group and we are proud to say that Scent & Violet has been one of the sponsors involved in the production of this Guide. For more information, please visit Funeral Planning




Scent & Violet will be closed for Memorial Day weekend: from 05/23/2020 through 05/25/2020


I hate to say it - but my predictions were correct. We sold out of flowers early, this Mother's Day. It was incredibly painful to keep telling people: "we are sold out - we do not have 3 single roses left in the shop". There is a global shortage of flowers caused by a break in a supply chain caused by the pandemic. Last-minute shopping is no longer a possibility. Amazon effect is going back full circle and we're going back to slow shopping mode. 

That being said, I am grateful to my faithful customers who read my emails and updates and who support us through this incredible pandemic. I am grateful that you shop with us, have the patience to listen to our ramblings and most of all, that you pre-book all of your flowers early. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers and mother figures. I hope you got some really nice cards, phone calls, text messages and, gifts. Your children miss you! 



It is our birthday, today! Scent & Violet turns 6 years old. Are we old enough to start school, yet? Jokes aside, what a wonderful journey we embarked upon when we opened our door just a few days before Mother's Day. We are quite proud we made it so far and we are grateful to each and every person that supported us. 



Scent & Violet named as one of the best flower delivery options in Houston. We appreciate Best Florist Review blog for including our little boutique shop in their list. 

To read more about it, please visit Best Florist Review Blog >>> 



This year, Mother's Day will be different – that’s for sure.

I have imagined a quite few scenarios for Mother’s Day (most of them included flooding if I’m going to be honest) but, being in the middle of a pandemic was definitely not on my mind.

 First and most important update: flower availability is limited. Every possible flower supply chain in the entire world is affected: farms, air freight, shipping trucks, wholesalers, florists (everyone is working in limited capacity with many companies being completely closed).

  We are one of the lucky shops that are still open and still receives great quality of flowers. The issue is that we have no idea what we’re receiving on a daily basis. We cannot influence the quantities we receive, we cannot select colors, we cannot select the days and time when our flowers will arrive. From every list of requests we make – we receive about one third.

  Our bouquets and designs have all become unique and “florist selection of flowers and colors” which is both challenging and (somewhat) fun for our designers. I understand that buying flowers as “florist’s choice” is not everyone’s cup of tea but, currently, we do not have much choice. The same thing goes for roses – for some foreseeable time we will be offering mostly “assorted color of roses”.

  As every year, Mother’s Day Sunday is the only Sunday in the year we are open. Curbside pick-up will be available for any orders placed at least the day ahead. The shop will be closed for walk-ins.

  I strongly believe that from 05/07-05/10 same-day delivery won't be possible and, for the first time in the history of this shop, I am anticipating we’ll sell out of flowers which will make last-minute orders next to impossible.

  Therefore, I invite you to place your orders immediately. Our Mother’s Day collection is up on our website 

  For any questions or concerns, please call us at 281-761-6300



 Flower availability is limited. The good news is that each bouquet we create is one-of-a-kind. The somewhat bad news is that we are unable to offer standardized designs. For our long-time customers trusting our expertise and design, skills are non-issue but, for new customers it is probably a challenge. At this time, we have no better solution but to ask for your patience and to give us a call with any specific questions regarding flower availability and design style. 

 Same day delivery is available only for flowers, plants and gifts in our Same-Day Delivery Collection >>>   Same day delivery is available for orders placed by 12 PM CST.  The majority of gifts are available for same-day delivery including plush, native Texas seeds, mugs, etc. Of course, ordering delivery days ahead is still very much preferred. 

 Funeral homes are accepting deliveries. Please keep in mind that at this time, most of the arrangements (including some typical funeral flowers such as standing sprays and wreaths) will be designed according to flower availability. 

 Most of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in our area are accepting flower deliveries. 

 Deliveries to hospitals are not possible. 

 Deliveries to residences are running smoothly, and select businesses are open and accepting deliveries. 

 For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 281-761-6300 



 Effective April, 6 2020 through April 17th, 2020 - we will not be able to offer same-day delivery. Next day delivery is available in our local delivery area (Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Fulshear, and Bellaire) for orders placed by 5 PM. 

 Same day curbside pick-up is available with minimum 2-4 hours advance notice, depending on the product selected. 


What a challenging time this is, for all of us.

We have been debating all day in our flower shop, whether to keep working or not. After a day or worrying (and praying) we decided to keep on delivering flowers – and I will explain why:

All day long, we’ve been receiving calls from our customers with one single question: “Please tell us you’re still delivering?”. Our flowers might not be essential for the preservation of life but, they seem to have the ability to offer comfort, provide joy, communicate love and sympathy, and serve as a stand-in at the events we cannot attend. While we are extremely worried about Covid-19, we cannot allow for the funerals to continue without flowers. We cannot let your dearest be alone in the house and without flowers on their birthday. We cannot let your parents feel forgotten. That’s why we’re still delivering.

To reduce the risk of infection to our employees and the general public this is what we’re doing:

 -  Our retail store is closed for public from 3/25/2020 – 04/05/2020

 - Our senior employees and those with pre-existing conditions are on vacation at their own homes.

 - Our staff has been limited to only 2 per any given shift

 - We are doing only contactless deliveries to the residences (all deliveries will be placed on the porch/front door and phone call will be made to the recipient to pick-it up).

 - Curbside delivery is available online or over the phone ordering

 - Our shop hours will be from 9 AM – 4 PM, effective 3/25/2020 – 04/05/2020

 - Please order your flowers, plants, and food baskets day ahead, at least.

 - Flower/plant substitutions: We are working hard to ensure some flower availability during Corona time – but we cannot guarantee that we have everything available as pictured. We strongly recommend selecting “florist-designed” options or calling us to inquire if you’re looking for something specific.


Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Kind, 

Amra and Scent & Violet Team




Flower Availability Update 

Flower availability currently is limited. Pretty much, we are unsure of what flower varieties will be available in our shop on a day-to-day basis with so many states and cities in lock-down. Please be prepared that we will be forced to do substitutions of certain flower sorts. We are grateful that many of you are opting for "florist-designed" options and "surprise me - I trust you". It means a lot to us. Thank you for using flowers to communicate with your friends and family. 

Flower Delivery Update 

Deliveries are conducted as always on the “first come – first serve” basis, with priority delivery given to funeral services. Timed and rush delivery options not available at this time. 

Hospital Deliveries are not allowed at this time. Please send flowers to the home of the patients. They will appreciate your gesture no matter where they receive it. 

Funeral Home Deliveries: Deliveries proceeding as usual. Contactless delivery method implemented 

Church/Mosque/Temple Deliveries: Some funeral services are proceeding while others are being rescheduled. We're keeping in touch with families and church staff to keep you individually updated. 

Business Deliveries: Deliveries proceeding as usual. Contactless delivery method implemented 

Nursing Home Deliveries: Flower Deliveries are being allowed and encouraged, with most nursing homes on the lockdown. Flowers are being delivered to the entry point to be distributed by staff and volunteers to the residents. Contactless delivery method implemented

Residence Deliveries: Deliveries proceeding as usual. Contactless delivery method implemented 




When life gives you flowers… share the love.

As the global COVID-19 emergency continues to spread and create challenges for communities worldwide, we wanted to express our appreciation, respect, and support toward all the doctors, researchers, and medical staff working hard on the front lines to help our community get through this tough time.

Since we are used to expressing our feelings through flowers, we loaded few buckets and up and away we went…  

This might not be some grand gesture, but we were honored to share our flowers with our local medical center staff with hopes that it can spark and escalate happiness, comforts, and positivity in our community.

Second, knowing that our senior communities are on the lockdown we wanted to let them know they’re neither forgotten nor alone in this. Our senior residents might not be able to receive visitors, but flowers can offer hope where words can’t. Thus, one of our flower buckets was delivered to local nursing home and we would love to extend our gratitude to the medical and support staff in all nursing facilities for their hard work in caring for our seniors.

People, we’ve been through this before. We all too well remember Harvey and the effect it had on the community. But what I remember the most was the kindness Houstonians were sharing with each other. I have seen loads of people from all walks of life stepping up to help each other. It should not be different this time around.

We appreciate each and all of you and sincerely hope that we will come out of this stronger and better than ever.

To those folks who already received the flowers and everyone who’s reading this post, we hope it can put a smile on your face because just so we know during these challenging and uncertain times, there is one thing that is certain: the kindness of the humanity.

Share love. Spread kindness. Godspeed, y’all.



Like everyone else, we are closely monitoring dynamic situations unfolding with coronavirus (COVID-19), and continue to seek guidance and recommendations from CDC, WHO, and County officials.  

As of today, we are conducting business as usual with some minor adjustments.

Store: We have significantly increased cleaning and sanitization in our shop. All of the accessible surfaces in our shop are being disinfected daily; frequently accessible surfaces multiple times per day. Our vases are being disinfected prior to use and right before they leave the shop.

Flower Delivery: Deliveries are conducted as always on the “first come – first serve” basis, with priority delivery given to funeral services.

With many Houstonians working from home, we sincerely recommend confirming the address of the recipient before sending flowers.

Hospital deliveries are being limited, pending further instructions from the hospital and city leadership.

We are beginning to offer and implement contactless delivery – for the safety of our drivers and recipients of flowers.

Flower availability: Currently, we are seeing minor interruptions in the supply chain and are working with our trusted suppliers on accessibility. We are making adjustments in our flower designs, daily. In the days and weeks to come, we kindly ask for your patience and flexibility in the selection of flowers.

We are rolling out new designs and products to make it easier on all of us.

Small Business situation: We will hold the fort as long as possible. We sincerely believe that during this difficult time, our flowers can provide comfort, offer joy and express feelings that cannot be expressed in person.

Having been in business during Harvey, we have experienced first-hand the devastating effect interruptions can cause to small businesses. Small businesses do not have resources or bailouts available and offered to the big corporations. We lost many valuable small businesses on Westheimer post-Harvey and, it broke our hearts. We invite you to shop with our small, local businesses. Every dollar spent locally, goes 4x back into local economy. As for our business, we are sincerely hoping to survive this crisis like all the others before.

All of the above considered – we sincerely hope we are overreacting. Priority is and always will be given to life preservation, and we are hoping and praying all of us and our loved ones will survive, thrive and, come out of this situation better than ever.

Be safe, exercise precaution, follow CDC guidelines and, spread love and kindness.

Amra and Scent & Violet Team


February, 2020 

Rose Globes are back in stock. Limited supply of red and rainbow color roses is available for in-store purchase, only. More info >>>


Scent & Violet has been named one of the best 10 flower delivery companies in Katy, TX by Flower Delivery Reviews. To learn more please visit 


Special delivery policy rules in effect for Valentine's Day. Learn more >>>


January, 2020

Happy New Year. Do not forget to place your orders on time (before the price goes up in February) 


December, 2019

Special delivery rules in effect for the Christmas Holidays. Learn more >>>


November, 2019 

Scent & Violet welcomes Flower Delivery in Katy into our company. We are currently operating under the same roof and offering flower delivery not just in Houston and Katy, TX but in Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Fulshear and, Bellaire


October, 2019

Introducing our new product: Cloche Terrarium  >>>


September, 2019 

Scent & Violet is hiring. For more information, please visit our careers page >>>


August, 2019

Scent & Violet has partnered up with Favor Delivery App. More >>>


July, 2019

Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts has joined Floom market place (where flower meets bloom).  More >>> 


July, 2019 - Please note our summer hours

Please note our summer hours for July and August: Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. If you need to schedule later pick-up, please call us at least two days in advance to make arrangements. You can still order flowers for delivery (or pick-up) 24/7 on our website. 


Scent & Violet included in the list of Best Florist in Houston. 

Flower Delivery Reviews included Scent & Violet in their list of Best Florists in Houston, quoting "their online specials are hard to resist." And yes, we are proud to be named one of the Best Options for Flower Delivery in Houston


Shop opens late on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Reminder: Tuesday 10/02/18 shop will open at 12 PM. Our small team is attending a very important event and we will not be able to open retail shop/accept calls or complete any before noon flower deliveries on Tuesday 10/02/18. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Sept 8, 2018 - Temporary retail store hours!

On Sept 13 and Sept 14 we will be closing our retail store at 5 PM. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that you can place your orders online 24/7 at


July 26, 2018 - Giraffes are back!

Everyone's favorite baby plush is back in stock. Pink and blue baby plush giraffes are available for purchase in our store or for delivery  in greater Houston area 


July 23, 2018 - Promotion on candles 

Scent and violet is running promotion on candles Made in Texas. Until 07/28/18 you can save 20% off candles (while supplies last) 


July 1, 2018 - Summer Hours

Our summer shop hours are 10 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. If you need to order flowers outside our work hours, website ordering works 24/7

Our cutoff for same day local flowers delivery is 1 PM (please note that some flowers and gifts are not available for same day delivery). If you have an account with us, you can email us your orders outside of the business hours.