Delivery and shipping: FAQ, policy, rules, and charges


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Scent & Violet florist hand delivers flowers and gifts across West-SW Houston within Greater Houston Area, which includes: Houston, Bellaire, Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Pearland, and Cypress. For complete list of our delivery areas please visit our Where We Deliver page.

We believe that delivering flowers and gifts is very important task and, with such a big obligation we had to establish set of rules to be followed, or policies.

Product Guarantee

At Scent & Violet florist, we stand 100% behind our product, but we also stand 100% behind you. We promise you full disclosure and honesty. At Scent & Violet, we guarantee fresh arrangements and plants that will last at least seven days. If you are not satisfied with the freshness of your flowers, please contact us within that time period and we will replace your item. For more return information please visit our Customer Service page

Substitution Policy 

Occasional substitutions we make in our flower arrangement are always for the similar flowers of equal or higher value. Read our full substitution policy. For any questions or concerns, please contact us directly. 

Delivery date and time

When in comes to local deliveries, Scent & Violet offers same-day and next-day delivery. Same-day delivery is offered for orders placed by midday - cutoff time changes seasonally. Please keep in mind that this is not on-demand delivery service. To keep our standard delivery fee as low as it is (in a city size of Houston), we pool our deliveries. What it means is that we (florist) select delivery time. No guarantee is given regarding the time of your delivery. We generally try to accommodate time of delivery requests for any flower order placed on time (Orders placed days and weeks in advance).

Regarding out of town deliveries: We will gladly recommend local florists within those areas

Delivery during Peak Floral Holidays

During Peak Floral Holidays such as: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we do not guarantee specific delivery times.

It is a well known fact that at Scent & Violet, we prioritize our deliveries on a “first come – first serve” basis. To ensure good delivery spot / time on Valentine’s Day our customers start placing orders in December and usually by the end of January all of our morning spots are already fully booked.

Specific Time deliveries

For orders placed at least 72 hours in advance, Scent & Violet offers hot-shot and “at exact time” delivery. Timed delivery services are available for purchase and are completed through local courier companies. The delivery cost is quoted by courier companies and varies between $35-$90, depending on mileage. If you’re in a rush, you can also send Uber or Lyft to pick-up and deliver your flowers. 

For out-of-town deliveries, we cannot guarantee any specific time requests.

Sunday and Federal Holiday deliveries

Scent & Violet does not offer delivery on Sundays and some Holidays.

Delivery is not available on following Holidays: New Years Day; Easter, Memorial Day weekend; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day.

Accurate Delivery address

Please make sure you have the correct delivery/shipping address to ensure your floral gift arrives just as it was supposed to.

We cannot stress enough how important the correct delivery address is, including ZIP code. The small mistake between zip codes 77060 and 77061 is 25 miles on one of the most congested highways, and it means that your delivery will have to be moved to the next day and you will be liable for another delivery fee.

Airport delivery

We do not offer flower delivery to airports.

Heightened security measures and lack of designated delivery areas for our delivery vans makes it next to impossible to complete these deliveries in a timely and successful manner.

Business delivery

Business deliveries are generally completed between 10 AM and 5 PM, at florist's discretion. 

We need first and last name of the recipient. While we really have nothing against “The prettiest girl in the world, Amanda”, people working at the reception desks and shipping and receiving department do not find that amusing at all.

We need address and name of the business, suite number where applicable, and contact telephone number. If you know the recipient’s work schedule please share it with us. It will help scheduling your flower delivery.

Please keep in mind that business deliveries are completed according to the rules of the business we are delivering to; Some office buildings have designated delivery areas or mail rooms, and it is at the discretion of the mail room staff how and when the delivery will be completed. In some companies, the security desk is as far as we can go. Also, some companies won’t accept deliveries unless the person receiving flowers comes downstairs to meet the driver at the security desk and accept the delivery (this is why we sometimes request multiple contact telephones)

Funeral flowers delivery

To complete delivery of your sympathy gift, we have to have the full name of the deceased.

When placing online order for sympathy flowers, please provide exact delivery date and time of the service. While we try to independently verify funeral service time, that is not always possible with churches and other worship temples.

We do require time to create funeral flowers. Our flower arrangements are always made fresh-to-order. When in doubt, please call us at 281-761-6300 for funeral flowers consultation.

When it comes to delivering flowers to funeral home, we always follow the directions of the funeral director and funeral home staff. Some smaller funeral homes can only accept flowers for one service at the time. Some funeral homes will request that we take the flowers directly to the church, etc.

We cannot guarantee the placement of your flowers inside the funeral home. This is completely at the discretion of the funeral directors.

Home delivery

Deliveries to home/residences are generally completed between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM local time, at florist’s discretion.

We require a contact telephone number for the recipient to complete flower delivery.

While we try to keep it surprise, sometimes we have to call to schedule deliveries (certain gated communities: Royal Oaks, Lakes of Parkway, Weston Lakes, etc.)

Sometimes, the recipient is not there and we have to call to make other delivery arrangements.

If we’re unable to complete delivery, we will leave delivery notice at the door and/or leave the flowers with a neighbor or leasing office.

We generally do not leave flowers at the door/porch unless specifically instructed by the recipient. 

Hospital delivery

Please let us know if the delivery is for an Employee or the Patient.

We always require full name of the recipient, along with any applicable building/room/floor number.

For the maternity ward, the name of the child is not acceptable as the “recipient of the delivery”. We need the full name of the mother (sometimes even maiden name).

Few notes to remember when it comes to hospital deliveries: No latex balloons – most of the hospitals do not allow latex balloons; Foil (mylar) balloons are more than welcome.

Certain Cancer Treatment, Transplant, Dialysis, and ICU departments generally do not accept flower bouquets inside the room of the patient. Flowers are either kept at the nurse’s station or given to the family. Mylar Balloons are accepted as a gift (it is generally better to send 6 mylar balloons or less due to limited room space).

Some hospitals have designated delivery areas, so called “flower rooms” and it is at the discretion of flower room staff and hospital volunteers how and when the delivery will be completed.

Church Deliveries

Please let us know if delivery is for Church Staff, School Employee, funeral service or an event such as baptism.

For churches we require an office telephone number, and the “main contact cell phone” to complete deliveries. Keep in mind that most church offices are closed on Friday or have “per appointment only” work hours.

For funeral services, the church office number is often not enough due to limited work hours of the church offices. We usually ask for the telephone number for the “additional contact person” or “funeral director in charge of services”.

School and College Delivery

Schools (from pre-K to High School), as a rule do not accept delivery for students. You will need principal’s approval for the exception. We cannot obtain that approval for you. 

Schools will accept deliveries for their employees. Our delivery driver drops off flower delivery at the school/front office. No driver will be allowed to make a hand delivery to the classroom/gym, etc.

We accept deliveries for College Staff.

Unfortunately, we cannot make deliveries to study halls, libraries, or any other student gathering areas.

What we can do, most of the time is deliver to student dorms. We always need the contact telephone number for the student – and even with that sometimes it takes 2-3 days to reach the student. College campus/dorm deliveries are very difficult to complete, and we utilize so called “open delivery date”. Which means it sometimes take days to track down student and arrange suitable time/date/place of delivery.

Gravesite and Graveside delivery

We offer gravesite delivery only to Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery in Houston. We require plot number, section number, date of birth, and date of death for this type of delivery. For more information, please visit our Cemetery Flowers page

Post Office Boxes and Mail Centers 

We do not accept deliveries to P.O. boxes and Mail Centers

Delivery Charge

Our hand delivery is a service for a fee, and it is completed by local delivery drivers. Our delivery charge ranges from $9.99 to $34.99 (average charge of $14.99) - depending of the area of town / distance it is going to.

Our goal is to be upfront about our delivery fees. We have found out in our personal shopping experience that free shipping is usually calculated into the price of the product. We opted to separate those fees in order to provide full transparency and fairness to all customers. We do not want to raise our flower prices to accommodate for “free shipping”, nor do we want to have different set of prices for our website vs our brick and mortar store. Our bouquet prices are the same, across all channels.

If you would like to avoid delivery fee, you can opt-out to pick up flower arrangement directly in our shop. Pick-up option is available during checkout on our website, too.

Service Charge and Holiday Upcharge

We do not have service charges and we do not have Holiday Upcharge. Our delivery fee is same every day, any day.

Some other delivery practices:

Contact with the recipient: While the flowers are often meant as a surprise, in some cases we have to contact the recipient to ensure delivery. We are trying to avoid multiple deliveries (and multiple delivery charges) by making delivery arrangements with the recipient.

Anonymous flowers: Please do not forget to sign your card. While we are forced by Privacy Act to safeguard your information, we generally frown upon “anonymous sender”. Keep in mind that we will release your information when we believe it is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or other’s rights, property, or safety.

Wrong address: You will assume full responsibility for the delivery address given. Our deliveries are pooled, and rerouting your delivery to the new address is not possible on a moment’s notice. A wrong address might move your delivery to another date. Please double check delivery address.

Chargeback Fraud: Chargeback Fraud affects small businesses much harder than some large ones. In order to fight this unfortunate practice our shop has made a policy to notify the recipient of the gift that the chargeback fraud has occurred. In order to properly fight this dishonest practice, Scent & Violet will invite both sender and the recipient of the gift to small claims court.  

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