Scent & Violet offer only two types of donations

Our donations are generally in $20 - $25 range, with maximum of $100 per organization in any given year. 



Scent & Violet’s donation program is intended to support the needs of organizations which are focused on arts, women’s needs, and special education serving local neighborhoods of greater Houston area. 

While we would love to respond to every request favorably, the needs are much bigger than our resources.

We cannot accommodate and/or respond to every donation request we receive. 


Donation Program Rules and Regulations 

To qualify for our donation program organizations must establish IRS 501(c)(3) status.

Organization must have established local presence. 


  • Individuals;
  • Capital campaigns, building projects, or equipment; (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Transportation and travel expenses;
  • Political organizations;
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes; (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Salaries; 
  • Government agencies;
  • Loans or investments;
  • Research studies;
  • Athletic teams, events, or sponsorships (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Merchandise for fundraisers and auctions
  • Symposiums, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Merchandise promotions, partnerships or advertising;
  • General awareness campaigns (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Development or production of books, films, videos, television programs, or websites;
  • Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals and raffles (please see our Fundraising Program);
  • Deficit funding;


Donation Request

If the organization meets the above requirements, please click on the type of the donation requested below, complete the donation request form and submit it.

Please note that due to large number of requests we receive our donations are in $25 range, with maximum of $100 per organization in any given year.

We also have a Fundraising program set in place to assist you with your various fundraising efforts.