Request for Gift Certificate Donation from Scent & Violet florist in Houston

Scent & Violet offer only two types of donations

Our donations are generally in $20 - $25 range, with maximum of $100 per organization in any given year. 



Scent and Violet’s donation program is intended to meet the needs of organizations which are focused on arts, women’s needs, and special education serving local neighborhoods in Greater Houston Area.

Organizations must establish IRS 501(c)(3) status.

While we would love to respond to every request favorably, the needs are much bigger than our resources.

We cannot accommodate and/or respond to every donation request we receive.

Please note that we have a limited budget in terms of Charitable Giving. To accommodate the number of requests we receive, our donations are limited to maximum of $100.00 per organization in any given year.

If you would prefer larger donation, please visit our FUNDRAISING page



Gift Certificate Request

If the organization meets the above requirements, please complete the following form and submit it.

By signing this form, you verify that you are an authorized agent of the requesting nonprofit and this organization qualifies for "501(c)(3)" tax-deductible contributions as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and is in full compliance with the USA Patriot Act.