Six Reasons Why Flowers Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

Posted by: Author admin December 2nd, 2016

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Christmas is a time of celebration, gift giving, and decorating, a time when people traditionally express their affection for family and friends by buying or making them gifts. It can be a time of great stress for some, however, who desire to provide the perfect gift for someone they genuinely care for, but whose tastes and preferences seem a mystery. This is a common issue for men who wish to buy for their mothers and other influential women in their lives, as well as for those who live too far from their loved ones to interact with them enough to observe the sorts of items they like and admire. Fortunately, there is one readily available gift that solves this and a host of other problems for gift givers quite nicely, and that is the gift of flowers. Here are six reasons why flowers make the perfect Christmas gift.

  1. Flowers express one’s feelings to perfection. Research studies show that people who give flowers as a gift are universally perceived as being thoughtful. In fact, 99% of people share this perception! Although not all flowers have specific sentiments attached to them, many do. Yellow roses, for example, connote friendship. Red roses, love. White Calla Lilies symbolize purity, innocence and beauty. Gerbera Daisies? Cheerfulness. Whether a person takes the time to deliberately research the meaning behind the flowers they give, or not, the gift of a bold and glorious bouquet at Christmas communicates clear regard for the recipient.
  2. Even the person who has everything loves fresh flowers. Let’s face it – we live in a world today that mass produces cheap trinkets at an alarming rate, and nearly everyone is conscious of having more stuff than they need or indeed, have room to store. People everywhere are talking about downsizing and living with less, and there is a noted desire in many facets of society to practice better stewardship of the earth. Nearly everyone says they desire to live more simply and to be in touch with nature. Few gifts suit the needs of people with this mindset like flowers. They a completely renewable product from the natural world and won’t end up gathering dust in one’s basement or attic. Instead, they can be composted, and spread on one’s garden in the spring!

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  1. Flowers at Christmas are both a gift and a decoration. What does the old Christmas carol command us to do? “Deck the halls with boughs of holly ….” Whether the flowers one receives at Christmas are employed as a hallway decoration or used as the centerpiece on the Christmas dinner table, they are the one gift that does double duty as both a gift and a decoration. When given to someone with the tendency to spend their Christmas budget providing for the wants and needs of others, they are especially appreciated, for often there is little leftover in such a person’s accounts for buying flowers. Yet what says Christmas like an abundant array of gorgeous red and white blooms against a background of green? Nothing!
  2. Flowers bring joy. Happiness is a fleeting emotion that comes and goes, but joy, with contentment and love as its foundation, is one that is deep and abiding. Few things stir joy in the heart like the gift of flowers. Perhaps it is because they are so beautiful, or maybe because they convey the affections of the giver so completely. Maybe it is because they have that timeless appeal of a beauty that was not mass-manufactured or man-made. Whatever the reason, the results are undeniable, as anyone who has ever seen the way a woman’s eyes light up when she realizes that that gorgeous floral arrangement being delivered is for her can attest.

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  1. Few gifts provide greater impact for a reasonable amount of money. Many people have noticed how frequently some of the savvier shoppers they know resort to purchasing floral arrangements when gift-giving time comes around. This is because flowers deliver the anticipated results, again and again, for what is truly a reasonable cost, particularly when compared with the cost of other gifts that provide equivalent results. Flowers touch people’s hearts. Even the smallest of arrangements have impact, and an extravagant one is magnificent. A floral arrangement takes the best of what nature has to offer, artfully arranges it and delivers it in person with a flourish. Not bad when it can be ordered with a single phone call, or from one’s desk, over the Internet!
  2. Unlikely to be forgotten. Each arrangement of flowers is unique. Not only is every flower ever grown ever so slightly different from another, but no person ever arranged two sets of flowers precisely the same way. Surveys show that 92% of women can recall with clarity the last time they were given flowers. Flowers flood the senses. Not only are they beautiful to behold, but they are tactile and have a lovely aroma. People remember the flowers they are given, often for life! Also, when flowers are given as a Christmas gift, they tend to feature prominently in the photographs that are taken throughout the season and therefore are “remembered” in this unique way every time the photo albums come out.

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When one wishes to give the perfect Christmas gift, it is difficult to imagine one more likely to hit the mark than the gift of flowers. Research has repeatedly shown that people all but unanimously state that more than most gifts, flowers make them feel special. Over 88% of people surveyed state that receiving flowers substantially elevates their mood. Send the gift of flowers to a person’s workplace and they receive the added bonus of the admiration and attention of their co-workers and peers. Then, at the end of the day when they take their arrangement of Christmas flowers home, they’ve actually gained value. Flowers truly make the best of all Christmas gifts. They’re easy to order, affordable, gorgeous, splendidly presented, and never fail to communicate the affection with which they are sent.