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Posted by: Author scentandviolet December 10th, 2017

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When we get busy at with all the birthday and Christmas flowers, our blog gets neglected. Lucky for us, we have enough friends in Houston local businesses to jump in and keep our blog filled with useful information. We are grateful to Alan from Party Bus Houston for taking time to give us a few pointers regarding wedding day transportation.


Scent & Violet


It seems as though there is a long list of things to do in order to pull off your dream wedding: find a perfect venue, caterer, baker, dress or suit, make up artist, hotel, photographer, florist, hair stylist, etc.  Fortunately, you are in the Houston area and that means you have numerous options for talented vendors, and that will help you with all of the various facets of your wedding.

When you begin to investigate vendors for your wedding needs, there is a certain facet that you are not going to want to neglect, and that is transportation. Ask yourself this question: how are you and your wedding party going to get around town to visit your various venues? Keep in mind that you need to make sure that everyone in your party will be at your chosen venues at the same time. Sure, you could take separate cars or meet up at the locations you need to be at, but that sounds very inconvenient.

Whatever form of transportation you opt for, you want it to be convenient, fun and safe. The best option for you is a party bus or limousine from a reputable Houston Limousine Company. The certified and experienced drivers hired at a transparent business will ensure you make a timely arrival to each of your destinations.

Some things to consider:

  • To make sure that you indeed rent a vehicle that will suit your needs and wants, make sure that you take a tour of the one you are interested in. You can usually do this by calling the company ahead of time and setting up an appointment.
  • If you want more people than just your wedding party to be on the vehicle with you, you will need to make sure they have a bus big enough to accommodate that size group as well. There is another advantage that many people do not consider. The size of a party bus will allow your wedding party to move about freely...you won't have to worry about all of that fine clothing being all wrinkled when you exit!
  • Remember this however, this kind of service is becoming increasingly popular and most places rent on a first come first serve basis.
  • When you talk with a representative, make sure that you check out a sample contract thoroughly and ask if there are any hidden fees. Any company that works this way is not worth your consideration.
  • Also, don't forget to ask about wedding packages. Oftentimes, a wedding is the one event that luxury transportation companies have setup special packages for.

This is the biggest day of your life after all and you want to make sure that the vehicle you end up riding in is of the highest quality. Believe us, you will make your entire wedding day that much more special by renting this very unique form of transportation. There is no doubt that you will make memories that will last a lifetime!

To learn more about Party Bus Houston visit their website at http://www.partybushouston.com/ or call them at 713-487-5442