Posted by: Author scentandviolet January 17th, 2017

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For hundreds of years, roses have been used to deliver messages without words, they were a symbol of confidentiality (the Latin term "Sub Rosa" literally says "under the rose").

Each color, even shade of the rose had special meaning. In Victorian times: pink rose symbolized „perfect happiness“. Throughout history this meaning changed: Pink rose signified usually love, gratitude and, appreciation. Pink color has the connotation of elegance and grace, poetic romance. However, depending on the shade you choose, your message may vary.  If the decision falls to the dark pink rose, then you use the traditional way to say, "Thank you!" with flowers. Lighter shade of pink roses mean that you are revealing your sympathy and admiration for the person you gave a rose. Does this mean you should still follow the Victorian ideas of what flowers are supposed to say and disregard completely that the reciepient of your gift adores pink roses.  Did you know that pink roses are most popular pink flowers for birthday in our flower shop?

Bottom line - it doesn't matter what color rose, or what style flower arrangement or design you decide on – as long as you make recipient of your arrangement happy. It does not matter if you buy a basket, dozen pink roses, or single rose – pink rose will make people feel special.

- Amila