Tabletop Christmas Trees

Posted by: Author scentandviolet October 6th, 2019

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It is only October and, our tabletop trees are already up for sale?! Before Thanksgiving?! We almost feel weird about it – but it is by customer demand.

Our tabletop Christmas Trees have been very popular over the past few years amongst our faithful clientele, buying them for offices, retail shops and nursing homes. As a matter of fact, our Christmas Trees were so popular that we never had time to properly advertise them, or offer them to our entire customer base. One of the reasons is that decorating Christmas Trees is time consuming. It is incredibly fun, but it is very time consuming. This year, for the first time in history of our shop – we started making Christmas trees early and, Hallelujah we made all of our pre-ordered trees and than some. Did we tell you how much fun is decorating Christmas Trees?

How did we start making Tabletop Christmas trees? Anyone who has been to our Westheimer shop knows that we have a very small shop. Obviously, for our first Christmas in Scent & Violet we had to get a very small tree. We decorated it in our favorite color purple, and it sold the very same day. So we made another one – which turned out to be the perfect size for new apartment at one of our local Senior Communities. Than our neighbor thought the tree is perfect for their little shop; Than  few of our corporate clients needed something fun for the office … Long story short – we ended up buying 2 large Christmas Trees made of birch branches that have become a permanent staple in our shop – but continued making Tabletop Christmas Trees. They’re fun, they’re pretty, and they’re affordable – I know, because even my mother gets one every year.


Some FAQ:

Q. How do I buy Tabletop Christmas Tree?

1. Select your favorite

2. Purchase directly online or call us at 281-761-6300

3. We can have it available for pick-up or delivery (local delivery) the very next day. Each tree is on the first come – first serve basis.

Q. What if I want custom Tabletop Christmas Tree?

1. Keep in mind that we require 2-3 weeks notice to complete / decorate custom Christmas Tree and that Custom Pricing applies

2. Call us to inquire availability and for consultation
3. Receive quote
4. Get your Christmas Tree in 2-3 weeks

Q. Christmas Tree I liked is already sold – Can you make me identical one?

- Unfortunately, each tree decoration is unique and cannot be duplicated.

Q. Can you ship Tabletop Christmas Trees?

- We can ship Tabletop Christmas Trees. We charge flat shipping and handling fee of $29.99


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