How To Write A Card

Posted by: Author amra June 20th, 2014

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Daily, we get to see many different messages and notes accompanying our arrangements. Some are great. Some make us laugh, other makes us cry, and we can only imagine what a great stir fabulous card makes, on the receiving end. Our flowers are gorgeous, but they are also very personal. Card accompanying them should be, too.

Over the years, we have come up with a list of following advice: 
  • Be sincere
  • Be yourself
  • Explain the reason you are sending card (and the flowers)
  • Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick
  • Don't forget to sign your name

Your message does not have to be a novel to express your feelings, but usually it needs a little more than a name. “Love, Joe” is never the same as “I love you with all my heart, Joe

If you are apologizing for something “I am sorry, Joe” will not be as effective as: “I am very sorry. I was late for dinner that meant so much to you. I hope you can forgive me. Joe

Thanking customer for their business? “Thank you for your business, Joe’s company” or “Dear Mary, We appreciate you choosing to buy your car from us and hope to be your trusted dealer for many more cars to come. Sincerely, Joe’s company”. The second one is a tad nicer.

And the biggest one of all – expressing condolences. It seems that none of us knows what to say in such situations. But, let start with some background info: Let’s say your colleague Mary’s relative passed away. On behalf of your company you are sending huge standing spray to the funeral home. Responsible funeral directors collect cards from the arrangements, to preserve them for the family. After the funeral services are over, family will receive cards. Perhaps some of those cards will have a description of the arrangement you sent, some will not. And in between all those wonderful cards family receives, there is yours in all its glory: “With deepest sympathy, Joe’s company”. We know it's the thought that counts, and we as your florist know just how wonderful your arrangement was, but let’s take a look at another, brief version of the same card: “Dear Mary and family, We are very sorry for your loss. Your “insert relation” meant so much to you, and we can only imagine the grief you are going through. As your friends and colleagues, we are here for you. Sincerely, Joe’s company.” 

We hope this little collection helps.

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