Posted by: Author amra April 20th, 2015

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Earth Day is on April 22nd

We haven't planned anything, since it falls on Administrative Professionals Day. Which is exactly why you need a great admin (or thank your lucky star if you have one): To get things done.

How do you plan to observe Earth Day? You can of course attend the festival. Festival can be fun. Do they have a biodegradable red solo cups, now? You can also plant a tree. I quite like that one.
As a smart business person I should probably tell you to buy flowers although I cannot really see how is that going to raise any awareness to the various issues we keep on inflicting on Earth… hm… maybe you should buy a plant. Plants clean air. There it is: Buy a Plant. Plants are awesome. (BTW, our flowers are awesome too. They might not directly be saving the planet, but any person who loves flowers must have some love and appreciation toward our planet). Oh, and do recycle. Recycling is good.

Now on the more serious note: Do not forget to thank your admins for everything they do for you. They deserve some appreciation.

Friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is May 10.