Small business woes, part 1

Posted by: Author scentandviolet September 14th, 2017

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Today is a big day for us in the shop. Hitomi Gilliam, our inspiration, mentor, teacher and floral designer extraordinaire is in Houston for the presentation, and we all have to be there. Today is a day were no designer is left behind in this little shop of ours.

We proud ourselves on being small local business intent of serving our west side community, but being a small business certainly has its disadvantages, too. One of said disadvantages is that with having just a few people, if one or two people have to leave there is no one left to mind the shop. 

Therefore, we have to close early. About that, we are really, really sorry (but Hitomi coming to Houston, to floral designers in our shop is bigger than Beyonce starring in Star Wars) 

We will be back on Friday to our regular schedule.


Scent & Violet team