Plant Care: Terrariums

Posted by: Author scentandviolet November 4th, 2019

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Typically, there are two types of terrariums: closed and open terrariums. Each has its own little peculiarities, when it comes to care.

Care instructions for open terrariums:

- Open terrariums need lots of light, but no direct sunlight. In absence of sufficient light, aquarium / terrarium lights can be used.

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Photo: Open Terrarium

- Water weekly. Please water with very small amounts of water (1/4 cup). Please use bottled or distilled water for your terrariums. We prefer using a spray bottle or plant mister to lightly spray our plants and moss inside any terrarium.

- Prune your plants occasionally: Cut off dry plant material and trim the overgrown leaves.  If any of the plants appear to have overgrown the terrarium, remove it completely.

- Clean the glass occasionally: Brush off dust and soil from the glass.


Photo: Terrarium Care Tools


Care instructions for closed terrariums:

-Closed terrariums need lots of light, but no direct sunlight. In the absence of sufficient light, aquarium/terrarium lights can be used.

-Check the terrarium for the condensation on the glass. If there appears to be a large amount of condensation, open the terrarium to air slightly (until condensation have disappeared).

-Closed terrariums require little to no water. Occasionally add few drops of water, if your plants appear to be dry. We prefer using spray bottles and spray misters to moisturize plants and moss inside any terrarium.


Photo: Closed Terrarium


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