Hidden gems in Houston and how to find them

Posted by: Author scentandviolet March 16th, 2018

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Our very own Scent & Violet shop has been featured as hidden gem outside of the 610 loop, and co-owner Amra as inspiring story in Voyage Magazine of Houston.


Amra laughed it off (we are blaming it on displaced sense of modesty), but we are more than happy to tooth our own horn. We consider Scent & Violet to be a gem and, as a small business we are always hidden gems. Small businesses like ours do not have marketing budgets or the financial ability to invest in advertising.

Are we the only hidden gem in West Houston? Definitely not. We are surrounded by some amazing small business in our area (and further). As a small business ourselves, we try to shop and work with other small businesses whenever possible. We say whenever possible, simply because it is very difficult to find our local businesses featured on the front pages of search engines. Sometimes, we have to dig deep. Top spots are usually reserved for the big national corporations. But, when we finally find small local businesses, results are always better than expected. So, without further ado, we would like you to meet some of the small businesses that impressed us.

Tranquil Heart Yoga

Tranquil Heart Yoga is a small yoga studio dedicated to overall well-being and genuine yoga practice. Simple and unpretentious, their practice is focused on improving the state of your body, health, emotions, and community at large. Their approach to yoga practice is so smooth that you barely even notice the changes in you (people surrounding you and your doctor do). We highly recommend Tranquil Yoga Heart as another hidden gem in West Houston.

Address: 12288 Westheimer Rd #380, Houston, TX 77077

Telephone: (281) 759-6002

Website: http://tranquilheartyoga.com/

Hallyu Cosmetics

Hallyu Cosmetics is a makeup and skincare shop focused on bringing the latest skincare innovations from South Korea to the United States. You all heard about famous Korean 10-step skincare program and how it improves skin. What you probably did not hear is that you can have a 3-step, or 5-step, or 15-step skincare program. This is something you can learn in Hallyu Cosmetics. South Korean skin care products are popular for a reason, and people in Hallyu cosmetics know all about it. Beautifully organized store, with ability to test (and try) every product is a truly wonderful experience. While they offer online shopping on their website, if you are interested in or already using any of the Korean skincare products, we highly recommend visiting Hallyu shop in person. 


Address: 12168 Bellaire Blvd #178, Houston, TX 77072

Website: https://www.hallyucosmetics.com/

These are just two of the hidden Houston's gems we wanted you to meet today. There are dozens more we are planning on introducing. Houston thrives on the hard work of small businesses in every aspect of our lives. Those businesses are not always famous or featured in the magazines - but small businesses are the biggest employer in Houston. They are innovators, they are the tax payers. These are the people who keep your everyday life running smooth.
Do you have a favorite small bussines? Give shout-out to them. Review small businesses online, share your opinion and experience on social media, tell your friends in lunch room about them.
Want to discover other hidden gems in Houston? Walk randomly in some small shops and establishments and see what are they all about. We highly recommend it. You will be pleasantly surprised on what you might find.
Scent & Violet team