Posted by: Author amra March 23rd, 2015

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Alstroemeria is a beautiful flower from Alstroemeriaceae family. Commonly known as Peruvian lily this plant is native to South America.

Flower itself, gained popularity due to vast array of colors and vase longevity. With proper care, alstroemerias have been known to last for weeks in a vase.

While in bud form this flower has distinguishable black or brown lines on the outside, but once in full bloom alstroemerias look spectacular.

I personally find this to be a very happy and engaging flower. I love to use this in mixes and as a base, because it wonderfully completes the design and accentuate the main flowers once in a mix.

But, alstroemeria all by itself is quite dashing.  If you'd like to create simple and wonderful alstroemeria design at your house, take a look at this.

Apart from alstroemeria in some of our favorite designs, we also have a vase of nothing but alstroemerias.

If you'd like to learn more about alstroemeria symbolism, wee have written another blog post.


Lily of the Incas  in Houston, TX

Lily of the Incas



Special thanks to Flower Council of Holland for the beautiful photo of alstroemerias


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