Posted by: Author amra December 21st, 2014

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Someone you know or care about is in the hospital and even though you cannot visit you want to let them know you are thinking about them.

Believe it or not, sending appropriate gift to the hospital can turn out to be tricky. Luckily, not too tricky.
Flowers and plants are welcome except to ICU, transplant unit and certain cancer units. Before we head out to the hospital, we like to check with the nurses if that floor/department is accepting live gifts.
Another big no-no is sending latex balloons to the children hospitals. They are simply not allowed.
So what to send:

  • To ICU we deliver mostly mylar balloons and gift baskets. Gift baskets are usually intended for the family members in the ICU – (From my personal experience sitting in the ICU waiting room, you cannot go wrong with fruit and healthy snacks. When you are waiting in the ICU, you live of coffee and cafeteria sandwiches and fruit and nuts are really refreshing)
  • Bright flowers and bright vases are preferred gift of many when it comes to hospitals. Even though hospital rooms have significantly improved their interior design over the years they can still feel a little drab. Bright flowers and beautiful plants bring that touch of color, life and serenity to the room.
  • When it comes to the children hospitals, this is a gift you do not want to miss sending. You have no idea how children’s faces light up when I show up at the door holding plush bear and super awesome mylar balloons. As much as it is heartbreaking when a child is in a hospital, those smiles and that happiness are unforgettable.
  • We like to create custom themed gifts based on patient’s interest. Something that will motivate their recovery. This is where you come in with “He likes golf. She is an avid gardener. Bob the Builder is his “main man”. She is a princess, etc”
  • And most important: Write a nice personalized card.