Sending flowers for Mother’s Day

Posted by: Author scentandviolet April 29th, 2017

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Sending flowers for Mother’s Day shouldn’t be complicated, right? I mean, it’s only a bouquet of flowers. And, it’s only your Mother – woman that gave you life, was never allowed to take a sick day, saw you through your teething, math homework, middle school dark phase, teenage blunders, good and bad break-ups... Mother deserves a little bit more, wouldn’t you agree? Mother deserves your attention. I am not going to push and tell you how you should pay attention to your Mother every day of the year, but give it a little though on Mother’s Day at least.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with you is an experience for your mom – the one she’ll cherish and appreciate. It does not matter if you can afford fancy dinner at a five star restaurant or value meal from drive through. It is painfully irrelevant if you bought your mom a diamond bracelet or made one from the twigs from your backyard. It is absolutely non-issue if you can afford 100 roses or a single rose to give. It is the care you’ve given in selecting your gift, it is the smile in your mother’s eyes when she sees you at the door, hiding a bouquet behind your back, it is the surprise visit she did not expect… It is all about showing your love and appreciation to your mom. Do you honestly don’t care.

And sometimes, it is the Mother we choose. Allow me to share a story from many years ago. Phone call from a soldier: “Mam, I am placing order on behalf of my squad. I do not have much time”, and starts dictating: name, address, card message… All of a sudden soldier blurts out male name. I have no room to interrupt this rapid dictation, but while I’m writing it down, I can’t help but think he mixed up the name of the recipient and the name of the sender. Then comes the card message: “Dad, you must be wondering why you are receiving flowers on Mother’s Day. You are my everything! You are the best father and mother anyone could ever have. You raised us all by yourself and I love you more than I can ever tell you. That why you’re receiving flowers on Mother’s Day. Love, your soldier girl.”

It’s not tears… it’s the allergies. This pollen in Houston… I have to go do something inside the flower cooler. Bye