Posted by: Author scentandviolet January 17th, 2017

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Floral arrangements have long been a passion of mine, and I love giving them just as much as I love the surprise of seeing one arrive at my door. Yet, one thing always gives me pause when I order flowers, and that is whether or not to choose a clear vase or colored vase for my arrangement. Over the years, I've discovered that my preference changes according to the following factors surrounding my intended purpose.

Consider the Occasion

One of the first things to consider is the overall effect of the bouquet. For example, a "Get Well Soon" arrangement looks great in a cheerful bright yellow or red vase. A painted tea kettle vase can truly set off the theme for a ladies luncheon, whereas a clear vase is ideal for settings where you are not sure which color would be most appealing.

Choose Clear for a Classic Look

While a colored vase can drive home a theme, keep in mind that clear vases can also make a dramatic impression. An artfully designed arrangement in a clear vase shows off the stems and generates an elegant appearance. Clear vases also hold the appeal of being the gift that keeps on giving since recipients can reuse them for future bouquets.

Assess How the Color Complements the Flowers

When I'm truly stuck between a colored or clear vase, I think about how it will look with the flowers in the arrangement. For example, a clear vase brings out the delicate shades of pink in Star Fighters while a blue vase can provide the perfect contrast to a pure white bouquet. 

We know how important it is for your arrangement to be absolutely perfect right down to the vase. We love talking shop so contact us today so we can help you make the right impression with your arrangement.