Valentine's Day Flowers

Posted by: Author scentandviolet January 13th, 2021

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Christmas and New Year's celebrations are over. But the gifting season is far from over since Valentine's Day is approaching. And it's never too early to start looking for a gift that will say "I Love You" to your loved one in the best way possible.

Nothing expresses love on Valentine's Day, or at any other time, better than a rose. You may lack the creativity to write or say the words, but a rose will say it for you. So, why roses?

Why Are Roses used For Valentine's Day?

It turns out roses were first used for Valentine's Day in the 17th century. King Charles II of Sweden visited Persia, and that's when he came across a unique form of art. Instead of saying the words, a person gives you a flower to signify the feelings they have for you at that moment.

A purple hyacinth was a symbol of apology and asking for forgiveness. A yellow carnation showed that you're disappointed in that person. And, of course, the red rose signified love.

The roses were associated with love due to their relationship/affiliation with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. According to Greek Mythology, roses sprouted when Aphrodite shed tears for her dead lover, Adonis. Another version states that roses were initially white. And when Aphrodite was pricked by a thorn and shed blood, she turned the roses to red.

Romans later turned Aphrodite to their goddess Venus, and they kept the rose to signify love. When Valentine's Day became a popular holiday, the rose was the obvious symbol. And it has been the tradition since then.

A less mythical reason is that roses are very sturdy and last longer than some other premium flowers. A rose is less susceptible to wilting than some other fragile flowers such as tulips or peonies.


The Best Flower Delivery Service

The best delivery service is always by your local florist (Read our post: How to find a local florist)

Today, people buy millions of red roses worldwide on Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day following shortly in March. And since it's hard to find a red rose on Valentine's Day, it's always advisable to order them as early as you can from your local florist. This will also ensure the delivery service can get them to you on time.

If you need delivery in our local delivery area in Houston, you don't have to order roses from overseas when you can get them locally. Here at Scent & Violet, we have a wide variety of rose bouquets. You can choose the all-red bouquet to express love, passion, and appreciation.

You can also mix it up with other colors. We will deliver on the same day or the next day for local deliveries. Or you can order earlier and pick it up after you get off from work. We are along 12811 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas.

Gifts to Go Along With Roses


Do you know what would go along perfectly with roses for Valentine's Day? Art Prints and Cards. These are creative and thoughtful stories of "love, resilience, or friendship." And they are great ways to express love to a friend, mum, or a family member.

A good example is the "James Willoughby" story. He had a friend he had known all his life, and her name was Thomasin Healing Evening Grosbeak. He knew her so well, and the more he knew her, the harder it was for him to get the best gift. So he decided to give her nothing. Nothing she could keep, nothing she could eat, and nothing she had to do.

But he packaged this "Nothing" in the best way he could, a giant balloon. And when Thomasin saw the gift, she appreciated it and loved him more. Not because it was nothing, but because it showed her that James knew her and cared for her at a deeper level.

Wouldn't you want to have a friend like that?

Head over to our website to view this and other stories. Order one of these cards alongside the rose flowers and show your loved ones exactly how you feel about them.

- Peter K.


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