Posted by: Author amra March 6th, 2015

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Four weddings and a funeral is streaming on Netflix.

Naturally, I watched it again but, this time I ended up gasping every time when they would show spectacular flowers. To be honest, I did gasp a few times because of Hugh Grant, too… but mostly for the spectacular flower arrangements. If you have a chance please watch it, and take a look at the fabulous designs of Simon Lycett 

Soft Sophistication arrangement on our website would fit quite nicely in those movie sets, don't you think ?





Can you believe it's been 8 years since I wrote this? Let me recap past 8 years: Harvey flooding, Astros World Series Champions, Covid pandemic, gazillion different streaming services, subscription required for every and any service, self-checkout in every store, robots painting art and writing literature, every store requiring to download app, and you have to scan barcodes to order food in restaurants, Tik-Tok is no longer recognized as song by Kesha but an app that is making grown-ups act like toddlers.

Our beloved Symon Lycett became star in two shows: Big Flower Fight on Netflix and Full Bloom on HBO (where 3 wonderful Houston area florists represented: Ace Berry AIFD, Mariela Aguillar, and Beth O'Reilly AIFD). Hugh Grant had starred in some pretty wonderful roles, and Andie MacDowell made gray hair and red lipstick fashionable. I do not want to talk about the mini-series.

Our team at Scent & Violet have done significantly more than four weddings and unfortunately more than one funeral.

One of these days I will watch this beloved movie again, and try to price the spectacular floral arrangements in today's market. That should be fun.


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