The Art of Floral design

Posted by: Author scentandviolet July 19th, 2016

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A rose by any name may smell as sweet, but not all floral arrangements are created equally. To become a truly unique floral designer, it takes a gift of vision along with an eye for color (Pim will be laughing at this one!), an understanding of flowers and plants, a healthy dose of creativity, lengthy educational process, and talent. With that in mind, let's meet five of the most influential and famous floral designers around the world.

1. Gregor Lersch is a globally-known floral designer in Germany, affectionately called the "Master of all Master Florists". The recipient of multiple international and national awards, Lersch has authored thirty books about floral design. (Taking class with Mr. Lersch is on my bucket list)

2. Martin Reinicke is a Danish "master of botanical design and floral arrangements" from Copenhagen who also creates his own hand-formed planters. People visit his "flower shed" from all over the world to see and buy his creations. (One of the best looking flower shops - apart from J Scotts in Orange, TX)

3. Hitomi Gilliam, an internationally renowned floral artist from Vancouver, Canada, travels the world as a guest designer and uses her knowledge of global trends to create her masterpieces. She has won multiple awards including the important Design Influence Award as well as the Best of Show and Gold Award at the Singapore Garden Festival. Hitomi is one of the most sought-after guest lecturers at botanical gardens and museums. (Amra, from our shop is her biggest fangirl ever who turns into "Oh my God, it's Hitomi" every single time she meets with her)

4. Simon Lycett is a royal celebrity florist who is in demand around the world. As the director of London's top floral decorating company, his breathtaking concepts are boundless works of art where magical settings come to life and anything is possible. ( Do you know how many time I have wathced Four Weddings and a Funeral just to admire his work)

5. Pim van den Akker was born in Holland, where his deep love of flowers, nature and design evolved into his status as one of the top Dutch florists and floral designers. He is the author of three books on floral design, and his global journeys allow him to share his vision with various cultures, spreading his philosophy that everyday life should be extraordinary. (After doing brief workshop with Pim all i can say is: He's f**ing brilliant!)

Do you have a favorite designer? (if you say Scent & Violet I'll love you but it wont count toward your reward points)


Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD