Posted by: Author scentandviolet February 15th, 2017

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Day after Valentine's Day and our shop is abuzz with man still confused as to why their wife (partner) is upset.

Let me explain it to you in a language you fellas will understand: You embarrassed us in front of our friends and colleagues. Yes, I just went there. If you can mansplain things to me, I can girlsplain them, too. You know that friendly competition you have with your brother (neighbor, friend, colleague) when it comes to car, fantasy football, who makes more money or has better house... well, we have a different friendly competition going on: whose child does better, whose boobs are firmer, whose husband is more attentive... and you just destroyed our score card. So how do you get out of this situation? Become more attentive! (yes, I just made a whole bunch of woman laugh out loud). Y'all have calendar and reminders on your phone? Put in your schedule: Surprise my wife (partner)! Set "repeat every month"! Does not have to be a grand gesture: single flower, cupcake, box of chocolates, hot text message... Make sure you do it  on a regular basis (we need some bragging material - if you don't believe us just look at what the Junior is doing). Once you have set up all those reminders, set up a reminder for January 15th: Order flowers with local florist for Valentines! Go as big as you budget will allow. Send flowers to our place of work. If Valentine's Day falls on the weekend, send flowers on Wednesday or Thursday preceding to it with message: "The best is yet to come on Valentine's Day! Love... Sign your dang name, I will be showing this to my friends" Do not send it on Friday. Friday I want to go home early, and I need at least a day to sit there with mysterious look on my face when they ask me as to what is he planning for the weekend  (you don't have to do anything - just let me sleep in, and order some pizza for dinner- ill be fine!)