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Posted by: Author scentandviolet January 17th, 2017

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If you're looking to transform your house into something resembling the Garden of Eden, have we got a plant for you -- Schefflera. "Huh?" you reply.


We understand perfectly. To be truthful, the word does sound more like a virus you contracted on vacation than a species of plant. So here's a few tidbits about Schefflera that we hope will not only prove informative, but turn you into a Schefflera admirer and owner.

Firstly, there's lots of varieties of Schefflera, over 600 in fact, whose names start with every letter of the alphabet with the exception of X and Z. It's tropical in origin and grows rapidly into a very tall (40ft!), bushy tree or a fairly tall (10ft), bushy houseplant. What it likes to do best is grow which means you'll need a good pair of pruning shears to keep it under control.

What does Schefflera look like? Given the number of varieties, no one description fits all. Its common name is Umbrella Plant due to the splayed pattern of its glossy leaves which range from greyish green to deep green to variegated patterns of green and creamy white. Whatever the color scheme, the plants are primordially lush. It doesn't take much imagination to picture a bunch of dinosaurs munching their way through a Schefflera-filled rain forest.

The flowers, like the leaves, come in all shapes and configurations, from clusters of metallic green pods that resemble tiny space capsules to the long, bright red flowers of the Octopus tree, whose spears frankly look less like octopus tentacles and more like an explosion of fireworks on the 4th of July. All are rich in nectar and will attract all sorts of nectar-loving birds and bees to your garden.

Schefflera likes a drink of water every week or so and grows happily and rapidly under natural light. Which brings us to yet another topic -- bonsai.

If you ever considered taking up bonsai only to be discouraged by the length of time it takes to learn just the basics, Schefflera is truly a bonsai beginner's dream plant. With Schefflera, pruning mistakes grow back in a matter of weeks not months or, in a worst case scenario, years. You can perfect your practice in less time and still create a bonsai whose beauty rivals that of trees that literally take decades to sculpt into shape. 

If any or all of the above has further piqued your interest, do contact us to find out which varieties of Schefflera will best fit into your home. 

Schefflera plant careIs widely considered to have pantropical and of “many races” origin, or as I like to call it “parentage has yet to be determined”. In any case it is widely loved plant with beautiful patterned leaves arranged in an umbrella pattern, hence the common name Umbrella Plant.

While scheflerra is a house plant that prefers indirect light, I have seen them growing successfully outside in Houston area – usually there is some overhang above them (patio, porch roof) etc. If you plan to have your schefflera outside, check on it often and make sure that it is not exposed directly to Houston sun.

They like water but tend to prefer well drained soil. It is better to wait until the top of the soil is light to touch, before watering again.

Short plant care instructions: Place in indirect light or on the shaded porch. Water once per week ½ cup to 2/3 of cup. If it does not begin to grow new leafs within 2 weeks move to another spot

Schefflera is not a fussy plant and it is very resistant to diseases. Once you place it in the spot it likes, it will thrive (you will be able to notice by new leaf growth)

Toxicity level is 2: Ingestion of these plants may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea to adults. Reaction by children and pets can be much more severe. I would be very careful in bringing these plants into household with cats, dogs, or small children. Would not plant outside where your horses roam.

For more details, please read this guide 


Special thanks to Matty for gathering article of fun facts about schefflera


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