Calathea Rattlesnake: Plant Care

Posted by: Author scentandviolet April 10th, 2022

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More than two-thirds of Americans own at least one houseplant. If this sounds like you, then you may have heard about the Calathea Rattlesnake plant. It's a beautifully bold patterned houseplant.

As a native plant to the Brazilian rainforest, calathea rattlesnake plants require medium to low light. Knowing the proper plant care is essential if you've recently become a plant parent to one of these exquisite beauties.
Are you interested in learning more about caring for beautiful plants? Continue reading to learn more on calathea rattlesnake and plant care advice.

Calathea Rattlesnake Plant Care
Calathea rattlesnake plants have beautiful patterned bright green leaves. These tropical plants can produce colorful yellow-orange flowers during late spring or early summer.
The first step in caring for your newly acquired calathea rattlesnake plant is to find the perfect place for it to live in your home with low to medium light. If you notice the vibrant green leaves begin to look faded, your calathea rattlesnake plant may be receiving too much sunlight.
How to Maintain Thriving Plants
To allow your calathea rattlesnake plant to thrive, feed it every four weeks during the spring and summer months. You can use a balanced liquid fertilizer to promote luscious foliage.
Developing a routine water schedule will allow your plant to keep moist soil.
If you notice the top of the soil is dry, its time to give your plant a drink. The quality of water is also essential. Monitor your calathea rattlesnake plant for any signs of yellow edges.
Do not allow your plant to sit in excess water. If your calathea rattlesnake plant becomes waterlogged, this could cause root rot. Make sure your plant container has proper drainage holes.
You should notice a trickle of water from small frequent waterings. If the water volume is more than a trickle, pour the excess water out of the container.
Feel free to use tap water to water your plant
The Right Environment
Calathea rattlesnake plants love humidity.
A temperature range between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit is best. If your plant lacks humidity, you may notice its leaves beginning to curl or brown. The ideal environment in your home would be a kitchen or breakfast room.
To keep your calathea rattlesnake plant happy, mist it with lukewarm water occasionally. Avoid placing your plant under any air vents or areas it could experience sudden drafts.
One perk of calathea rattlesnake plants is they are typically pest free. If you notice any mealybugs, apids, or spider mites, treat your plant as soon as possible.
You can use a mineral oil to treat any unwanted pest.

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