Back to (new) normal

Posted by: Author scentandviolet September 5th, 2017

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Today is the first day we’ve been back to work after hurricane Harvey. Like most of the Houstonians we are excited to work again, but we are not the same as we were. Houston has suffered tremendous losses and we have all been impacted by it – some less and some more. It is however our imperative to rebuild our lives, to rebuild our homes, and rebuild our businesses. We need it, this town needs it.

So today, we are back at Scent & Violet. Our flowers are coming in, our plants are excited to see us, and we are happy to be back in our neighborhood. We will be making our beautiful bouquets, but we will be also here to provide a sense of normalcy on the west side of the town that has been tremendously affected by the release of the water from the reservoirs.

If you can make it to our shop, stop by and smell the flowers. Come on in for a cup of coffee, say hello to us and our plants. If you need food, soap, a hug… we have those too.

Regarding flower deliveries – we can only promise to try. We do not have access to all neighborhood, nor all sides of town, but we will give our best to deliver much needed and appreciated gifts of love. All deliveries will be completed as soon as possible. We wont be able to guarantee time of the delivery and we expect in some instances to postope delivery to next day. 

We implemented few changes:

  • On our website we added an option to donate money to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
  • Also, we will be donating 5% from every purchase at Scent & Violet (online, over the phone, in person) to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. As a small business in Houston, we believe it is our moral obligation to do everything we can to help rebuild this city we love so much.