Improve your business and happiness with fresh flowers

Posted by: Author scentandviolet December 29th, 2017

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This little article about dreary and gloomy businesses was written for us by lovely and young Ms. Kayleen. We liked it, we giggled and chuckled a bit, and now feel very inspired to send some flowers to DMV. Enjoy!


Scent & Violet



Have you ever walked into a business that seemed dreary and unwelcoming? You probably have. DMV anyone? We've all had negative experiences at different businesses. Most of you hate going to the DMV. Everything about it is dreary, boring, and annoying. But what if you're greeted by a beautiful, fresh flower arrangement when you walk in?

That always makes me happy! It's not just me, though. Multiple studies prove that seeing fresh flowers on a daily basis increases happiness. Now that's all fine well and good, but why should a business care about increasing a person's happiness?

There's a couple of reasons. Let's start with the employee. Say that person comes to work and it's been an especially difficult morning. That baggage comes to the office with them, which could cause some extra frustration for the customers. 

However, when he/she gets to work and sees the bright arrangement of flowers there, the stress dissipates. If it's an especially fragrant arrangement, he/she may take in a deep breath, and more of that person's cares blow away with an exhale.

Now this employee feels better and more ready to help customers. If a difficult customer comes up, the employee is calm and ready to help the customer well, leaving the customer a much happier person. And a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Flowers for business have other perks. One of which being on the customer's end. If you've ever worked in retail, you have definitely helped a... we'll say "difficult" customer. Say a customer walks into a business in a huff and ready to take stuff out on a worker.

But then they're met with fresh flowers. The same thing that happened to the employee happens to the customer. Now, instead of being ready to rip into someone, he/she is more calm and willing to listen and get to the bottom of the problem they are having.

This helps not only the customer, but the employee as well, which in turn helps the customer even more.

All of this simply because of fresh flowers. 

- Kayleen