Flower symbolism: Alstroemeria

Posted by: Author scentandviolet September 8th, 2018

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You really liked our Lily of The Incas bouquet, but wondered what this unusual flower represents? Known as alstroemeria and Peruvian lily, this long lasting flower grows in a number of different colors – white, yellow, red, hot pink, light pink, orange and purple.

The flower symbolizes devotion and friendship. Its leaves grow upside, twisting out from the stem as it grows – much like the twists, turns and growth of friendships. Alstroemeria is also a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity.



Lily of the Incas  in Houston, TX

Lily of the Incas


White - Color white in general is a symbol of purity and spirituality. This flower color can be gifted to almost anyone, but it is also a beautiful color to choose for weddings and other ceremonies. White Alstroemeria flower is a symbol of pure friendship and love between two people.

Yellow - Yellow Alstroemeria is a symbol of energy, happiness, optimism and joy. This gorgeous flower can be a perfect decorative piece in the home, where it will exude positive energy and optimism to the rest of the house.

Pink - Color pink is the color of romance, love and gentle feelings. This flower color is perfect for our partners and the people we love in a romantic way, and we want them to know that.

Orange - Orange symbolizes positive energy and passion. Orange Alstroemeria is going to bring some freshness and positivity into your home but it can also awaken those feelings in a person, if we decide to gift that person a bouquet of orange Alstroemerias.

Red - Red is a symbol of love, passion and romance. It is needless to say that red flowers are a perfect gift for our partners, and the message they are going to receive is the one of love and faithfulness.

Purple - Color purple is meant for the people who are unique and who have a dose of elegant and graceful in them. Color purple is also a symbol of nobility, beauty and royalty.


Special thanks to Flower Council of Holland for this beautiful photo


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