So You Have A Blog ...

Posted by: Author amra June 2nd, 2014

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While trying to find “file-extension-something- something” on my website I run into the Blog. OMG, how awesome – I have a blog. I can write about stuff and such. It’s a little like teenager running into that guy, with that hair, and super awesome T-shirt who is the brother of the cousin who went to college….



Blog and I have a history… obviously. I might give it another go. We are both wiser now




Today we played with “Jardin”. No we did not become fancy all of a sudden and started speaking with French accent, but we have this lovely little glass cube with garden applique on it and inscription of the lovely French word “Jardin" - garden. I sort of fell in love with this little vase. It looks great with the flowers, but I can also see them on the patio with the candle inside. I am obviously ready for some summer. This was a very long winter.