Posted by: Author amra August 17th, 2015

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Corporate gifts usually come as standardized items, such as calendars, diaries, pens, card holders etc. that are given away on special occasions that are significant to the company or the receiver. Nevertheless, you could change the tradition of presenting uninspiring corporate gifts in your company by suggesting gifts with a personal touch that appeals to the likings of the receiver. Of all surprisingly delightful gifts, flowers rank on top as a cheap and personalized corporate gift choice that can brighten up the receiver instantly.

A bunch of seasonal flowers picked from the nearby florist to appreciate an achievement of a colleague or associate cannot only boost their enthusiasm but also will keep them merry whenever they glance at the gourmet blossoms. A fragrant bouquet or vase of flowers on your boss’s birthday, promotion or any other special day will not be just another gift, but also an indication of heartfelt admiration for the hard work done by your superior.

The best thing about sending flowers as a corporate gift is the wide range of flowers available at your local flower shops that allow you to mix and match flowers to create a mesmerizing bunch without any effort for a relatively low price. Consider the receivers tastes and likes and consult you florist to send the most memorable bunch of blossoms to your peer, associate, teammate or superior.

Flowers are a hassle free option when it comes to delivery since you can get them delivered for a little extra whenever you want to wherever you want. Flower delivery service is provided by most of the florists as a value added service for their customers.

While sending flowers can be a great gift idea, it could also a bit tricky. For instance, sending a bunch of red roses to a co-worker can be misinterpreted easily by the receiver or the fellow colleagues. On the other hand, gifting a vibrant bouquet of flowers is not acceptable, if your intentions are to convey your regrets on a death of a close family member of a peer.  Hence, refrain from purchasing flowers that are too intimate or give mixed ideas to the receiver. It is always good consult an experienced florist, if you cannot decide for yourself on the flowers that should be included in the bouquet.

For a gourmet and personalized corporate gift, do not fail to visit the nearest flower shop next time.