Can I send flowers to the ICU?

Posted by: Author scentandviolet June 10th, 2018

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No, you cannot send flowers to the ICU. We typically suggest sending few balloons or a plush, instead.

We firmly believe that flowers help heal the soul. However, when someone is in ICU, doctors and nurses need to focus on healing the body, and there is no room for flowers or any other organic materials.

When someone we know and care about is in a situation where they need intensive care, we automatically jump into the mode of wanting to do something nice for them or their family. For many flower and gardening lovers, flowers seem to be the obvious choice, yet flowers, plants and, food have no room in the ICU.

Even though, great number of patients in the ICU are in various levels of unconsciousness couple of floating balloons (smiley face, get well soon, I love you) or a little plush toy placed on their side can convey the message of encouragement, support, and love.

We had situations where friends and family wanted to send flowers to the family in the ICU waiting room. Yes you can, but as someone who has spent days in the ICU waiting room, I encourage you not to. Sending flowers to the hotel room where family is staying is a really nice idea: To have that little peace of beauty and life waiting for you after a difficult day. When it comes to the ICU waiting rooms, we suggest sending something nourishing and refreshing such as food. When you are in the ICU waiting room, it can sometimes be psychologically difficult to leave (even if it is only to the hospital cafeteria) and having fruit or snacks can come in really handy.

To ensure you are sending appropriate gift to the hospital, it is not the bad idea to check with the family member and ask directly if they need something. Also, you can call hospital directly to inquire. Scent & Violet delivers flowers and gifts to most of the hospitals in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Bellaire, and Cypress. For a directory of hospitals and medical centers in Houston area please visit our hospital directory page. If you need further information, or help selecting appropriate gift to send to the ICU (or any other hospital department) call us.


Photo by Marcelo Leal via Unsplash