Posted by: Author amra February 14th, 2015

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Is the trend changing or my customers like different

It was very interesting to see the popularity of the classic dozen of red roses go down.

Don’t get me wrong: The red rose still holds the throne, but I have seen a significant increase in demand for pink, purple and yellow roses.

Lilies have been very popular (I am also getting used to every other man calling them tulips), and our spectacular large designs with roses, hydrangeas, and lilies have been very popular.  

This year we combined garden flowers with tropical, and it was a huge hit.

Demand for quality truffles was bigger than heart shaped chocolates, and I have seen more I love you balloons go out than Happy Valentine’s Day.  

Interested to see how Mother’s Day trends will look like? Will the pink colored flowers rule the Mother’s Day, or are we expecting to see a little more drama in colors (I am eager to see if bright colors will usurp the traditional pastel scheme of Mother’s Day flowers)