How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special Every Day

Posted by: Author scentandviolet November 10th, 2017

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How do you relationship? Are you any good? Would you like to improve a bit? 

Scent & Violet is honored to welcome Peter Minkoff of Pridezillas Magazine, to help us become better in today's relationships with this fabulous article. As wedding and lifestyle writer, Peter brings experience and some common sense wisdom to our complicated world of relationships. Make sure to check out his other work in Pridezillas Magazine, or follow him on twitter @minkoffpeter



Scent & Violet


How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special Every Day

Grand gestures are great. They’re also most likely to be seen in romantic comedies. The hero or heroine has done something almost unforgivable, and the grand gesture is their last chance at romantic redemption. Real relationships are cannot be crammed into a two-hour movie montage and there is no end once the credits roll. They take everyday effort. In order to keep the fire of romance burning, you need to show your loved one that you appreciate them every single day. A grand gesture, when you think about it, is easy, it is a long-term commitment that takes patience, love and everyday tokens of that love. So, if you’re at a loss for ideas, worry not; these simple yet effective tips won’t only help you get your romance mojo back, but will also spark your imagination and help create your very own ideas. Today, we’re giving the fish but also teaching you how to fish.

Every day is a special occasion

It’s not your loved ones’ birthday or a significant anniversary, but so what? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surprise them every chance you get. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. It can be anything in the world – show your love and romance with flowers, chocolate or a silly thing that is part of an inside joke. It can be something they saw in a shop window and mentioned they like – this will get you an additional ‘listening and paying attention points’. Surprise them at work with an amazing fruit and gourmet gift basket. This is an incredible gift, because they can share it with the rest of the office and again, you get extra points for being an attentive partner even in the eyes of your loved one’s coworkers.

A lost art