Posted by: Author amra October 29th, 2014

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Pumpkins - Rich in taste and history

What do we know about about pumpkins ?


The word pumpkin originated from the Greek word Pepõn which means large melon. The word gradually morphed by the French, English and then Americans into the word "pumpkin." Pumpkins and squash are believed to have originated in the ancient Americas. These early pumpkins were not the traditional round orange upright Jack-O-Lantern fruit we think of today when you hear the word pumpkin. They were a crooked neck variety which stored well. Archeologists have determined that variations of squash and pumpkins were cultivated along river and creek banks along with sunflowers and beans. This took place long before the emergence of maize (corn). After maize was introduced, ancient farmers learned to grow squash with maize and beans using the "Three Sisters" tradition. 

Pumpkins helped The Native Americans make it through long cold winters. They used the sweet flesh in numerous ways: roasted, baked, parched, boiled and dried. They ate pumpkin seeds and also used them as a medicine. The blossoms were added to stews. Dried pumpkin could be stored and ground into flour.  Or you can try your hand at “Three Sisters Succotash”. It is yummy

It is believed that Native Americans introduced squash to the Pilgrims and that it was served at the second Thanksgiving.   When exactly we began carving pumpkins is still widely discussed. Have you seen the carved pumpkin on Scent and Violet's Facebook page? Did you already carved yours?

Today, pumpkins are a true symbol of fall and harvest celebration and whether you eat them, arrange flowers in them, or just store candy, they are super cute and fun