Reduce, reuse and, recycle wherever and whenever possible

Posted by: Author scentandviolet April 13th, 2019

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We are all partially responsible for contamination of our planet Earth, some less and some more. We even started polluting space – but that’s a story for another day. Most of us are responsible citizens and, that is as long as it is convenient. So, why not keep making it convenient?

I have always been a firm believer in small acts of kindness. If each and every one of us, consciously and with purpose attempts to do one small act of kindness per day – the world would be much better place for us all. Kindness for me personally is more about little, everyday efforts than some grand gestures: pick up a piece of trash and place it where belongs, smile at someone today, wave at your neighbor, plant something, recycle, compost

From day one, at Scent & Violet we have made a quite few conscious efforts to do our part in 3R philosophy. It is our belief that profits can never become more important than the role we all play in conservation of our planet and life at it, as business and as individuals.

We significantly reduced our packaging; we opted for recycled and biodegradable packaging; we introduced large number of multi-purpose containers, containers made from recycled materials, and biodegradable containers. We connected with number of local companies featuring Made in Texas products; we pool our shipments and deliveries; and we have made it our purpose to promote native plants and produce. We constantly look into ways to prevent and reduce pollution. It is not always easy. As a small business, we have limited influence, limited funds, and limited resources. All of our efforts come from the belief that we all need to think of the society at large and the future. We strongly hope that the large corporations with funds to conduct proper R&D will make it a conscious effort to come up with more sustainable product. 

One of those efforts is our Vase Recycling Program. We always did it unofficially – but never really made it bona fide program (we used to call it furniture and glass rescue between us). The way our vase recycling program works is: we give $5 store credit for every 3 glass vases brought to our 12811 Westheimer location at the same time. It is that simple. We thought it important to reward good behavior. When we receive glass containers we test them for cracks and chips first. Afterwards we separate them. Any container that fits our style and quality will be reused. You might even recognize it in one of our social media posts. Glass vases which do not fit our size and style will be donated to: local schools and after-school programs , nursing facilities and, places of worship. Damaged glass vases will be recycled in our local recycling centers. 

We are currently talking to multiple people and facilities to come up with acceptable recycling efforts of ceramic, plastic and, metal containers. Sustainable solution for recycling ceramics still does not exist in USA. Some efforts have been made in Japan and we really hope to see more in the US. That being said, we accept ceramic, plastic and, metal containers purchased at Scent & Violet in the past 5 years. 


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