Essential Gardening Tools to Trim and Groom Your Garden

Posted by scentandviolet on August 14, 2020

Every garden needs a gardener. Every gardener needs tools. Unfortunately, at this shop we tend to overbuy when it comes to anything related to gardening. Therefore, we turned to equipment specialist to slightly curb our enthusiasm. Archie was a builder for more than 40 years. After his retirement, he spends time working in his garden and writes tool reviews for a blog His many years of experience can get you the right tool input whether it is a drill, welding machine, or generator type. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.

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Guest blogging at Scent & Violet

Posted by scentandviolet on June 16, 2020

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Plant care: succulents and cacti

Posted by scentandviolet on May 22, 2020

Succulents are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy and engorged usually to retain water in arid climates and soil conditions. We are not going to complicate things with Botany Vs. Horticulture when it comes to classification of succulents, cacti and other water storing plants but will focus here on care of ornamental succulents and cacti (Agavoideae, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Didiereaceae)

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Posted by scentandviolet on May 12, 2020

1. Why send sympathy or funeral flowers?

2. What type of arrangement should I send?

3. How do I choose specific flowers and a design?

4. Why do funeral flowers cost so much?

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Tending Your Garden: The Many Benefits of Growing Food

Posted by scentandviolet on April 20, 2020

Gardening has long been one of humanity’s most soothing pastimes. It’s estimated that one in three American households grow their own food. This number is increasing which is a good trend since gardening has been shown to positively impact your physical and mental health. For some tips on how to create your own garden, read on.

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