Fall and Thanksgiving flowers & gifts

This is a time for some warmth. Colors are changing, temperature is lowering, family is gathering, soups are brewing. Here in Houston, we have many reasons to be grateful and to celebrate and appreciate life, friends, neighbors and family. Find you favorite fall colored flowers or Thanksgiving bouquet, to share your gratitude with them, and Scent & Violet will deliver for you.

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Seasonal Blooming & Green dish garden in Houston, TXSeasonal Blooming & Green dish garden in Houston, TX

Green or black thumb – it doesn’t matter. You can give them a whole garden! Seasonal selection of green and blooming plants are hand arranged in our Made in Texas bushel. Delivering a rustic feel, this garden has been one of our all time bestsellers. Our plants are locally sourced and this adorable bushel is Made in Texas, too. Each basket is handmade to order and makes for a great unique gift for any plant lover. It can be sent for almost any occasion and delivered to almost any location.

Approximate size: 11"W x 12"H and up

Not so small print: Plant selection/color varies seasonally


Substitution Policy

Orange Roses and Berries Vase in Houston, TXOrange Roses and Berries Vase in Houston, TX

Orange Roses and Berries arranged in a clear glass vase.

Approximately 12" W X 18" H

Substitution Policy


We have been waiting so long for the flowers that bloom in Autumn. The beautiful Earth tones are all around us. That gradual mutation of bright yellow to muted, leaves changing from green to orange, lilies developing a dark colored streaks through their petals... What an amazing array of visible changes happen all around us in nature, but also in our bouquets. And if you ever wondered what is it apart from pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving food that makes you so excited about fall - it is the color therapy. Orange is the color of happiness. Share some of those good vibes with your friends and neighbors - whether you are picking up a bunch in our shop, or ordering flowers for delivery - Autumn is a wonderful time to let people know how grateful you are they're in your life.