Fall and Thanksgiving flowers & gifts

Autumn is time when we bring out our Fall decor. Despite not having proper Autumn in Houston, TX we love our pumpkin decor, autumn leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything (almost). We love buying and sending autumn season flower bouquets, decorating our porches and retail shop windows with autumn colored wreaths. We enjoy our trick-and-treats, celebrate both Halloween and Thanksgiving in style, and football season. While we cant do much about football, at Scent & Violet flowers and gifts we can help you with your Autumn flowers, Fall decor, and Thanksgiving centerpieces. We deliver flowers in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Fulshear and Texas. Shop for our Autumn flowers online or visit us in our flower shop on Westheimer. 

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We have been waiting so long for the flowers that bloom in Autumn. The beautiful Earth tones are all around us. That gradual mutation of bright yellow to muted, leaves changing from green to orange, lilies developing a dark colored streaks through their petals... What an amazing array of visible changes happen all around us in nature, but also in our bouquets. And if you ever wondered what is it apart from pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving food that makes you so excited about fall - it is the color therapy. Orange is the color of happiness. Share some of those good vibes with your friends and neighbors - whether you are picking up a bunch in our shop, or ordering flowers for delivery - Autumn is a wonderful time to let people know how grateful you are they're in your life.