Urban garden bouquet  in Houston, TX

Urban garden bouquet


City size of Houston deserves more urban gardens. While this is only a temporary one, we hope to see more gardens popping up everywhere. Urban garden bouquet is a nod to abundance of concrete and possibility of breaking up the heat with fresh flowers and plants. Both contemporary and traditional, this is a perfect gift to a city slicker who can't fall asleep without the sound of ambulances. Urban garden bouquet is handmade by Scent & Violet and available for delivery in greater Houston area.

Approximate size: 9" W X 10" H

Flowers: Lily, rose, sunflowers, accent flowers and branches

Size and upgrade: Above images and listed sizes are approximate representations of the product and may not always be to scale. Each upgrade is unique to the arrangement. It increases the amount of flowers in the arrangement and overall fullness, not necessarily the height or the width of the arrangement.

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