Mighty Hydrangea in Houston, TX

Mighty Hydrangea


My grandma had bushes of hydrangea in her garden. The abundance and mighty presence of it has made my heart flutter ever since. While I love hydrangea for so many sentimental reasons, one has to admit that there is something powerful about them. The only flower that can take up the room with just a few stems, hydrangea is a favorite choice of interior decorators. I call hydrangeas a quick and easy fix in upgrading a dark environment. However, did you know that in Victorian times sending hydrangeas to someone meant they were "heartless"? Does this make hydrangea a perfect break-up gift? Is the hydrangea a gift of unrequited love? Did you just start singing Heartless by Kanye? While this history of hydrangea makes me giggle a bit, just look at it - does this say heartless to you? All I see is MIGHTY. Mighty hydrangea is available for same day or next day delivery in our local delivery area only: Houston, Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Pearland, and Bellaire, and is hand delivered by Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts.

Flowers: hydrangeas

Approximate overall size: 10" W x 11" H

Size and upgrade: Images and listed sizes are approximate representations of the product and may not always be to scale. Any product where an upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. Each upgrade is unique to the arrangement, and generally stands for more flowers and/or a fuller overall look.

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