Grande Amor  in Houston, TX

Grande Amor


When you create one of the hottest combinations of flowers in the world of romance, your floral creation name has to go up notch – And my dear, is there more romantic language in the world than Spanish? So we imagined Julio Iglesias singing to us: “Grande, grande, grande” and… well… there it is… Grande Amor with deep red roses and starfighter lilies. Warning: sending this gorgeous flower combination to office might cause a slight case of envy. Joking aside, Grande Amor is wonderful expression of love and can be used for any occasion you need to shout out to the world that you love and respect someone. It is available for delivery in greater Houston area or stop by and pick it up for the grand gesture.

Flowers: red rose, starfighter lily

Approximate size 12" W x 20" H

The above image is approximate representation of the product and may not be up to scale.

Any product where and upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. Upgrade generally stands for more flowers, and fuller overall look.

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