Art Print - Salt & Bale Sheridan in Houston, TX

Art Print - Salt & Bale Sheridan


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Salt and Bale Sheridan Goat always look forward to a hunker-down-and-wait-for-the-weather-to-pass kind of night.  Salt, because he thoroughly enjoys a good movie.  Bale, because she knows Salt thoroughly enjoys a good movie and she loves any excuse to cozy up next to her fella.  And, secretly, for the good snacks that typically accompany a good movie.  Preparing for the evening, she’ll gently arrange the quilt that Charlotte Livingston Eastern Chipmunk lovingly hand-stitched especially for them; prepare a buffet’s worth of tasty treats; and dim the lights.  

In the darkened room, with Salt most assuredly transfixed, Bale relishes eating in the most casual fashion.  Otherwise quite well mannered, for some reason this little rebellion against propriety gives her such joy.  No utensils, no dishes, and (ahem) no manners.  She likes to think that cutlery is optional; serviettes are redundant; and the fuller the mouth, the tastier the meal.  Clearly, Bale is quite comfortable in the relationship, because she knows that Salt knows no one is perfect, and when the volume goes down and the lights go up, Salt will love her still, in spite of, or maybe even because of, her imperfections and idiosyncrasies.

Size: 8" x 10"

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