Art Print - Miami Clementine in Houston, TX

Art Print - Miami Clementine


Featuring Art Prints by Central & Gus. 

Sweet orange cordial, non-alcoholic of course, is one of those drinks that wasn't created simply to quench thirst.  By its nature, it is a drink about time, and all that it brings. Before the sun peeks over the treetops, until the high heat of the day, Miami Clementine Horse picks the juiciest oranges from the tree, smelling and savouring each as she goes.  From time to time, she stops to graze on the soft grass that lines the hedgerows.  Here, in the grove, heady with the scent of petitgrain and in the company of butterflies as they flutter from blossom to blossom, Miami finds her sanctuary. Lunch hour doesn't find Miami at the kitchen table.  Rather, she's nose-in-pot at the stove, methodically stirring a near-magical concoction of herbs and spices and local sugarcane.  Turning off the heat, she peels her oranges and gives each a good squeeze to procure every possible drop of juice.  Combining all in a jug and topping with soda water and ice, she takes some glasses off the shelf - knowing she'll surely have company soon - and heads out to the front porch of her cozy bungalow. Sweet Orange Cordial isn't for chugging or gulping or guzzling.  Nope.  It is meant for sitting a spell, for the telling of circuitous stories that have no apparent point or purpose, for laughing far too hard at things far too silly.  This is a drink for friendship. And boy, could Miami Clementine Horse brew the absolute best ever.

Size: 8" x 10"

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