Essential Oils, sets, bath and spa gifts

Scent & Violet is introducing our new Essential Oils collection. Beautiful scents invigorate, calm and replenish our soul and body. Diffuse oils for a spa like atmosphere, add essential oils to your favorite lotion or oil, make your own soaps, bath salts and air fresheners. Essential oils have many wonderful uses. Visit often for updates in our collection or visit us at 12811 Westheimer Rd to find more oils and gifts.


We primarily use (and sell) Young Living essential oils at Scent & Violet. We tried and tested many different oils (not all - we are constantly testing new products) and we really like the scent (and feel) of the oils produced by Young Living oils company.

However, we are quite conservative when it comes to the safe use of essential oils (or resale of those):

  • We do not recommend ingesting oils (unless you are trained and certified Aromatherapist or chemist);
  • We do not recommend use of undiluted essential oils on any part of the body;
  • Do not use essential oils while pregnant or nursing;
  • Do not use essential oils on children younger than seven;
  • Do not use essential oils if you have diabetes or kidney disease; 
  • If you're being treated for any chronic condition consult your physician prior to using any essential oils, herbal supplements or similar;
  • We strongly believe that any medical advice should come from physicians, not people trained in other trades.
  • Here at Scent & Violet, we believe that beautiful scents can evoke beautiful memories or feelings. This is our scientifically unfounded opinion. Do not take our word for it (we talk to our plants).

We strongly recommend reading Essential Oils Safety book by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young - or stop by our shop and read up on safe use of your favorite oil.

Essential oils can be a wonderful tool promoting overall well being, but as a very volatile compound they should be really used with utmost precaution.

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Oils currently in stock:

Essential oils  Price 
Black Pepper   $         30.66
Cardamom   $         39.21
Cedarwood   $         20.79
Cinnamon Bark   $         37.57
Clary Sage   $         68.49
Clove   $         26.06
Copaiba  $         62.57
Cypress  $         31.32
Eucalyptus Blue  $         25.73
Fennel   $         28.69
Grapefruit  $         28.03
Helichrysum  $       117.83
Jade Lemon   $         20.13
Lavender   $         36.91
Ledum   $         88.56
Lemon  $         20.79
Lemongrass  $         20.79
Lime  $         22.11
Manuka   $         53.03
Marjoram   $         51.71
Mastrante   $         39.87
Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree)   $         40.20
Myrrh EO   $         91.99
Ocotea  $         54.02
Oregano   $         42.50
Palo Santo   $         51.38
Peppermint EO   $         34.28
Spikenard   $         55.74
Tangerine  $         27.04
Tarragon   $         32.96
Tsuga   $         37.57
Wintergreen    $         29.35
Essential oil blends   
Awaken   $         32.96
Joy   $         60.92
Panaway   $         52.37
Peace & Calming   $         51.71
Peace & Calming II  $         33.29
Purification   $         30.66
Release   $         56.32
Sara   $         39.87
Sensation   $         49.74
Transformation   $         96.45
Valor   $         58.29

If you are looking for specific essential oils or blends that we do not have listed on the website, call us at 281-761-6300 for our in-store stock or shop online and have anything shipped to your home as our retail or wholesale customer.



Next time you drive by a field of fresh lavender breathe in the wonderful calming scent. That's the power of essential oils. Essence of plants captured in a bottle. But essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts can be your best friend or your worst enemy, like everything from nature. Before jumping into essential oils usage, we invite you to read up Safety Tips, learn more about oils and their usage and, consult your physician prior to using essential oils.