Organics in Houston, TX



Looking for a long-lasting vase of flowers that will positively uplift your living or working space? We have a perfect arrangement for you. Organics bouquet is wild selection of fantastic greenery combined to create a very contemporary bouquet. Paired with long lasting protea this is the bouquet that will live long in your environment as long as it receives some water. Delivered in recycled glass vase, this bouquet is one of our favorite arrangements for this year. Organics bouquet is available for delivery in greater Houston area

Flowers: exotic foliage, protea, hydrangea

Approximate overall size 12” W x 18” H

 The above image is approximate representation of the product and may not be up to scale.

Any product where and upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. Upgrade generally stands for more flowers, and fuller overall look.

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