Naturally Elegant Green in Houston, TX

Naturally Elegant Green


Naturally Elegant Green is our nod to trend setters and trailblazers of fashion, as well as lovers of everything green and clean. This bouquet emphasizes premium foliage. White lilies and green hydrangea play the role of accent flowers to the vast natural beauty of scented plant materials. Naturally elegant green is a grand bouquet and perfect testament to fashion and trends with just a touch of different. Available for delivery in greater Houston area, this gift is a perfect gift not just for the loved ones, but for the business partners, too. Show them you can keep up with time and, do not forget to humble brag your knowledge of current trends.

Flowers: white lily, hydrangea, premium and exotic foliage 

Approximate overall size 21"W X 31"H

 The above image is approximate representation of the product and may not be up to scale.

 Any product where and upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. Upgrade generally stands for more flowers, and fuller overall look.

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