Grande Roses in Houston, TX

Grande Roses


Grand gesture requires grande roses. Starting at two dozen premium red roses designed with specialty foliage in a clear vase, this is one of those classic gifts that is uniquely appreciated by so many different people. Never be afraid to love red roses, for nothing says love like red roses do. Fantastic gift to be sent to the office or home surprise. Saying: "Hello, I am thinking about you" from afar with grande red roses is sure to make an impression. Grande roses are wonderful gift for love and romance, anniversary, Valanetine's Day; Mother's Day, any given holiday or Just because. Even if you send it as a thank you or I respect you, red roses delivered are impressive gift that triggers smiles and happiness. Grande roses are available for delivery in greater Houston area. This bouquet does not have any baby's breath

Flower: red roses, foliage 

Approximate size 14" W X 24" H

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